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  1. jdyoungs

    [IGN]'s Ban

    IGN: jdyoungs/sophieluvsyuba Banned by: @Kenneth_Chow der Time of ban: 17-01-2017 Reason for ban: Alt Account Your story: ♪I left my heart in San Francisco♪ So it plays independently of me. Sometimes it visits though, and hence the mixup. Sorry!
  2. jdyoungs

    Suggestion Add an appeals forum for Limbo

    I was muted in Limbo sometime after I properly was born. I am unable to properly begin the appeals process in proper because there is no proper outlet for me to properly do so. Unable to file a proper grievance I have become a proper mess, and so I am sorry if I lose proper composur- WAAAAAAAAH...
  3. jdyoungs

    [Hamlet] Neo-Arcadia (8) - is not not not recruiting

    Pronunciation: (niːoʊ ɑːˈkeɪdɪə) [nee-oh ahr-key-dee-uh] This is okay too, if you can convince us you're Greek. "[Neo-Arcadia] is just a town full of trolls" @I_Love_Miners, renowned novelist, actor, and playwright Past of Neo-Arcadia - Present of Neo-Arcadia - Diplomacy: If you aren't a...
  4. jdyoungs

    jdyoungs' trade chat appeal

    IGN:jdyoungs Muted by: @Kainzo/Kainzilla Time of mute:2109PST Server/Channel:Trade chat Reason for mute: Your story: I recently purchased 5 loot crate keys and wished to sell some. So I did for 20 souls each. I was indeed going for 200, but a typo is a typo, so I just went with it since...
  5. jdyoungs

    Suggestion [Engineer] - CraftBook Pipes

    With the inception of hoppers in vanilla MC, I can see the case for pipes being even less necessary now than ever. Still, pipes are a lot more elegant and versatile, and likely less laggy than daisy chaining hoppers across long distances, which is why I feel the niche of piping from various mods...
  6. jdyoungs

    Bug Backpacks are a bit random

    So I don't remember the exact times, but I recall HC being laggy enough where I lost connection at about 8:30 PM PST and then closed MC. I came back around 9:20 PM PST and soon found out that my backpack had 0 items in it. I relogged and the problem persisted, so I tried using some items in my...
  7. jdyoungs

    Jdyoungs' application

    In-game name: jdyoungs Location & Age: Washington, USA "&" 17 Previous Bans (Includes other servers): None now Referral(s): casey1003, realmatt10000 Reason you should be accepted: None really, I'm just the anonymous surfer. I've already read a large part of the wiki out of intrigue, and I do...