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  1. Keache

    Suggestion [Runeblade]A couple important suggestions; /Runestatus and more!

    Hey guys, So I've been dicking around with Runeblade for a while now, and I've come up with a couple short suggestions that I think plenty of you guys could agree with. So, if I could have anything at all added to the class, it would be a /runestatus command (or something of the sort)...
  2. Keache


    wa This is so stupid I don't even
  3. Keache

    Bug [Paladin] Intervention is not working

    First, I need to go ahead and say that I'm going off of word of mouth here (I didn't actually see it happen). Two people (who will not be mentioned) that are too damn lazy to make this thread themselves were testing intervention on each other. The paladin used intervention on the other guy, who...
  4. Keache

    Suggestion [Pyromancer] Chaotic Strength

    ...seems to be primarily useless. It's a unique ability and might work well in strength oriented pyromancer builds, but more often than not it seems that the mana and the spell damage is far more important than the mere 15 strength you trade for. What I'm trying to say is that I find this to be...
  5. Keache

    Suggestion Punch II bows should be disabled

    Simply put, punch II bows on ranger have the ability to shut down and constantly rubberband any melee class, and ultimately seems quite out of balance. Punch I is fine, but Punch II (and even knockback II swords) seem to cause a lot of problems. It's as if you put forcepush on top of every arrow...
  6. Keache

    Call of Duty Circus!

    Created by Miracle of Sound! Subscribe to them, this shit is great haha.
  7. Keache

    Just got the Seriously Likeable! achievement

    That is all.
  8. Keache

    Suggestion [Disicple] Ability Suggestion - Forcewave

    Okay, so I've been dreaming about this ability ever since I started playing Disciple. Hope you guys like the idea! -------------------------------- Forcewave: You gather your natural energy over (cast time) seconds and unleash a wave of force in a cone, which travels (x blocks, either set or...
  9. Keache

    Bug [Smith] Cannot name Fish with engrave

    When trying to engrave a fish, the ability gives back the error, "You must be holding a tool or an armor in order to be using this skill". While Fish is technically not a tool or an armor, it is an important Disciple weapon (as is stick and blaze rod, which I'm sure also can't be renamed for the...
  10. Keache

    Suggestion [Ranger] -New Utility Ability- Torch Arrow

    Costs - 1 torch "You fire your torch, causing it to light up the area where it lands!" Basically, this ability allows a Ranger to fire an arrow and create torches where their arrows land. Restrictions would be in regioned areas, of course. Just thought this would be a cool addition to the...