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  1. jan9f

    Cotana Creek Trading

    Cotana Creek Trading WTB: Soul Prisms (250s/10) WTS: Soul Source (250s/10)* More to be added as I construct more buildings. *Also willing to do an equal trade for soul prisms
  2. jan9f

    Proctor App: jan9f

    Minecraft IGN: jan9f Position applying for: Proctor Age|Timezone: 16 | EST How long have you been on Herocraft?: A bit over a year. Why do you think you would make a good proctor?: With the new changes being made to proctor, and them taking a chat moderation role, I think I would be well suited...
  3. jan9f

    Bug Balance Area Not Under "New Posts"

    Basically, any posts in the Balance Area of the forums do not show up under the "New Posts" section. I assume this is because anybody that isn't on the balance team doesn't have the permissions to post, so that causes issues with the "New Posts" section. Thanks!
  4. jan9f

    Suggestion Central Town Structure Auto Permissions

    In my town we use the central structure (Meeting House) as a central area for any items we're sharing with the town, cobble storage, etc. Whenever I add somebody to the town, I have to manually add them into the subregion for the central structure. It would be nice if there were a way to allow...
  5. jan9f

    Bug Village Tier Bug

    Basically, when I go to use /to rebuild meetinghouse while standing in my town's sittingchamber, it says I don't have permissions. I do have it purchased, and I do have enough souls to pay for it. Not sure why it could be beyond that. Edit: I just used /to delete on the Sitting Chamber and then...
  6. jan9f

    Suggestion Last Online Check

    It would be useful for town owners to be able to view when somebody was last online. Whether this is through /who or a town command, it would be useful to check to make sure all members are active. Thanks!
  7. jan9f

    Herald Application: jan9f

    1. Minecraft IGN / Age: jan9f, 15 2. Position applying for: Herald 3. How long have you been on Herocraft?: Over a year 4. Timezone (please use GMT if out of US): EST 5. What are your areas of expertise?: Instagram 6. Please select one team to apply for: Social [Media] 7. How will you use your...
  8. jan9f

    Cotana Creek

    Welcome to Cotana Creek Lore You have been walking endlessly, trying to find a suitable place to settle down. You notice a very loud rumbling in the distance. You begin to approach it. As you draw near, you see it's a waterfall. This particular waterfall branches off into two main streams. It...
  9. jan9f

    Guide App: jan9f

    Minecraft IGN: jan9f Position applying for: Guide Age|Timezone: 15 | EST How long have you been on Herocraft?: A year and change Why do you think you would make a good guide?: I've held the position before and am able to actively help people in chat. I recently returned from a break due to some...
  10. jan9f

    Suggestion T2 Renames

    Basically I think some of the T2 class names make them seem a little "silly." So here are my suggestions for a new rename of a few classes. Ranger | Hunter or Marksman Samurai | Ronin