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  1. jdyoungs

    [IGN]'s Ban

    IGN: jdyoungs/sophieluvsyuba Banned by: @Kenneth_Chow der Time of ban: 17-01-2017 Reason for ban: Alt Account Your story: ♪I left my heart in San Francisco♪ So it plays independently of me. Sometimes it visits though, and hence the mixup. Sorry!
  2. jdyoungs

    Suggestion Add an appeals forum for Limbo

    I was muted in Limbo sometime after I properly was born. I am unable to properly begin the appeals process in proper because there is no proper outlet for me to properly do so. Unable to file a proper grievance I have become a proper mess, and so I am sorry if I lose proper composur- WAAAAAAAAH...
  3. jdyoungs

    [Hamlet] Neo-Arcadia (8) - is not not not recruiting

    Pronunciation: (niːoʊ ɑːˈkeɪdɪə) [nee-oh ahr-key-dee-uh] This is okay too, if you can convince us you're Greek. "[Neo-Arcadia] is just a town full of trolls" @I_Love_Miners, renowned novelist, actor, and playwright Past of Neo-Arcadia - Present of Neo-Arcadia - Diplomacy: If you aren't a...
  4. jdyoungs


  5. jdyoungs

    Suggestion Please allow Chest Organiser Mods!

    I'm pretty sure this isn't as easy as changing the rules to allow this kind of mod. To my recollection, chest organizing mods simply perform a whole bunch of item moves to "organize" - think of manually sorting your inventory sped up to the blink of an eye. Autoloot mods do the same thing -...
  6. jdyoungs

    jdyoungs' trade chat appeal

    IGN:jdyoungs Muted by: @Kainzo/Kainzilla Time of mute:2109PST Server/Channel:Trade chat Reason for mute: Your story: I recently purchased 5 loot crate keys and wished to sell some. So I did for 20 souls each. I was indeed going for 200, but a typo is a typo, so I just went with it since...
  7. jdyoungs

    Suggestion [Engineer] - CraftBook Pipes

    They function as item transportation devices between 2 inventories. What I like about them is that they can discriminantly pull items out of the source chest, e.g. only cobble, which is not something that can be done with hoppers. Equally, it's much easier and compact to move items up, as...
  8. jdyoungs

    Suggestion [Engineer] - CraftBook Pipes

    With the inception of hoppers in vanilla MC, I can see the case for pipes being even less necessary now than ever. Still, pipes are a lot more elegant and versatile, and likely less laggy than daisy chaining hoppers across long distances, which is why I feel the niche of piping from various mods...
  9. jdyoungs

    Bug Backpacks are a bit random

    Whitelisted - Yes to my knowledge, is there a definitive way to check? I do have build perms for Bastion. Donor - No. I was just using up the last bits of a gift card to get the backpack, but I do plan to donate in the future. As it stands right now though -- no. Indeed my backpack is blank...
  10. jdyoungs

    Bug Backpacks are a bit random

    Er woops, perhaps I was not clear. I meant that I put nothing of value in my backpack because I figured it did not work with deathchest. I did not, however, die. And the bug happened again, sometime yesterday morning when the server restarted (I think somewhere between 9 to 10 AM PST) my...