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  1. iAlchemist

    The Ark

    "Here lies the last remnants of a once magical land..." ~Theron, the last wizard of the Ark Welcome to "The Ark," the last place of solace for magicians seeking new discoveries in the world of the arcane. Survivors of the great cataclysm who seek solace within our keep may apply here and gain...
  2. iAlchemist

    Suggestion Give Engineer MOAR IC's!

    Alright, I know what you're thinking when you read the tittle "But Alch, engineers already have a lot of IC access, why don't you just be happy with what you have?" And to that, I counter that if you opt to go and play an engineer character then you're likely the type that likes to experiment...
  3. iAlchemist

    Selling Custom Skins

    Recently an individual opened my eyes to the potential capacity to make skins for coins or even donor tiers, per request. So that is exactly what I am doing here. =Please No troll requests. It takes time to make these things, and trolling just wastes effort and time.= I will make any custom...
  4. iAlchemist

    Suggestion Bloodmage Ultimatr

    Bloodbeam is an uninteresting and weak ultimate skill that serves little to help the bloodmage's otherwise unique and interesting playstyle. With all that said, I think there should be a new, more.interesting skill that actually adds to bloodmage in a way that's more meaningful than "press...
  5. iAlchemist

    Suggestion Necromancers and mob summons.

    I know I know, "can't be done" they say. Well I'm about to say something amazing. It can be done! With 1.8 scoreboards received quite the overhaul, enough that you could put mobs on your player's team and they'd be friendly to you. Granted they would not attack other mobs, it's possible for...
  6. iAlchemist

    Command Block Classes for Singleplayer

    During my hiatus, I have been working on other single player projects, including an adventure map and lots of command block creations. This happens to be one of the ones I wanted to share with you guys, and soon I'll share a world download so you can play around with these classes. First thing...
  7. iAlchemist

    Is it safe to post command block project maps?

    Pretty straight forward. I created a pretty awesome command block system for very basic classes with their own skills, and I was wondering if it'd be ok to post here on the forums. If not, I understand.
  8. iAlchemist

    Suggestion Allow Engineers to place TNT or craft dispensers

    So as I became an engineer for war, I wanted to test a few cannon designs pre-war by firing them into an ocean, but when I went to load my finest TNT into the cannon, I was instantly cockblocked by the miner exclusive issue. Reasons why it should no longer be miner exclusive and why...
  9. iAlchemist

    Bug Getting sent in and out of Limbo

    Title says it all, I'm at the despair event when tons of those armor pieces spawned. They tend to cause DDos level lag, even with my particles down I end up lagging 7-8 minute behind the server I.E.: I send a message, it shows up 2-8 minutes later. Now I've been in the process of catching up...
  10. iAlchemist

    Bug Zeal Blaze Rod-No active ability.

    Zeal Blaze rods don't have an active ability on right click.