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  1. Nemean_Lion732

    Really Quick server questions

    minecraft.net login and download, the java edition is from that site. If you downloaded from the windows store, its the Bedrock edition or whatever its called. gl
  2. Nemean_Lion732

    Account and Email cleanup.

    Hi! Keep my acc. :)
  3. Nemean_Lion732

    Bug Death chest didnt spawn and items never dropped while in carrot crops

    So basically my death chest never spawned while i was standing in crops, and my killer said none of my stuff dropped, i dont know if this is a bug or intentional. the attached file is the message i got on death.
  4. Nemean_Lion732

    Someone protected the doors to my house and started changing things inside

    I came to my house today and found that someone had locked the doors to my house and changed the interior of my house, i petitioned to have the protection removed but it was closed without removing it. I still have the sign on it saying its my house, what do i do?
  5. Nemean_Lion732


    What is your IGN (case sensitive)? Nemean_Lion732 How old are you? 15 ( Celvick said i could join, even though I'm not 16) Time Zone? Mountain Time Zone How long have you played HC? About a month How often are you active in game? usually a few hours everyday What class are you? What Level...