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  1. Church_

    ALERT Combat testing announcement, starting 7/16/21

    Combat testing is live!!!!!
  2. Church_

    Yeeeeet the balls movin!

    Yeeeeet the balls movin!
  3. Church_

    But.... why is the rum gone...?

    But.... why is the rum gone...?
  4. Church_

    One block at a time.

    One block at a time.
  5. Church_

    ALERT Server Update! Battle Arenas & More!

    @andrewgrieves No they are not. Here are somethings that may help. Check your Internet. Check your memory to minecraft if you have it at 2gs may need to move it to 4-6gbs if you have that. Try our launcher hc.to/laucher <- Link
  6. Church_

    ALERT Server Update! Battle Arenas & More!

    Server Update! --Global PVP Enabled, Dungeons have PVP off (for now!) -> Global pvp re-enabled to all server. Town TnTing and raiding all a go! Dungeons will have pvp off for the current moment. Newer higher level dungeons on the way with PVP active in future upcoming patches. --Battle Arenas...
  7. Church_


    Research has connected this player with the past account of @rouge123445. Name change of Jan 2018 to GYR3 @Kainzo
  8. Church_

    Waste of spell space

    @JrCheeseBall Because if your building an underwater town or raiding or fighting in water its more useful than having to make/carry a bunch of water breathing potions around with you.
  9. Church_

    Suggestion Brainstorming Ideas - PVP- World

  10. Church_

    x.x so many blocks

    x.x so many blocks