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  1. Ultanian

    Thinking of coming back

    What has changed in the past 2 years? I last remember the class system where you could upgrade your class once mastered, but it required a codex. I am kinda wanting to start playing again for nostalgia's sake but I have no idea how similar the game will be to two years ago.
  2. Ultanian

    Suggestion If Herocraft was a MOBA...

    Not exactly a suggestion, but if the classes of the Multiverse were altered and fought in the arena, what exactly would their kit look like? How would that arena function? The following is my interpretation on that idea. So, without further ado.... Heroes of the Multiverse Souls of the...
  3. Ultanian

    [Spoilers for 1.9] 1.9 News & Pics

    Credit goes to /u/redstonehelper on reddit The End: set amount of obsidian pillars arranged in a circular fashion ender dragon protects pillars more the further you progress - Screenshot ender dragon has fire breath, can be collected in bottles ender dragon can be respawned as many times...
  4. Ultanian

    Suggestion Change Heal Skill Targeting

    As a Cleric, I've noticed that several healing skills are almost unusable during teamfights due to how it's targeting works, such as SacredWord and SacredTouch. The current method is that the skill targets an allied player that your crosshair is on.... however due to constant lag and most of the...
  5. Ultanian

    Can't access adventure forums...

    Why/was I removed?
  6. Ultanian

    Rangers and Paladins get Hyped; 1.9 Dinnerbone Pic!

    http://i.imgur.com/xEj71Bl.png Posted by Dinnerbone on twitter in a 1- pixel wide picture, when one decoded it came out like this. What do you guys think?
  7. Ultanian

    Valve finally supporting competitive TF2

    After 8 years, Valve has finally realized that the community-run competitive format has helped keep Team Fortress 2 alive. Now, they are working on a matchmaking system similar to CS:GO and DotA 2. I myself am a competitive Highlander Medic, anyone else here excited for the next update?
  8. Ultanian

    Suggestion Non-RNG Critical Hits implementations

    I know critical hits have been discussed before, and shot down due to RNG discussions and how it's unbalanced. Here's some ways Critical Hits can be implemented without RNG. NOTE: Critical hits multiply damage by 2. Skills could have special requirements for issuing a critical hit, here's a...
  9. Ultanian

    Suggestion New Support Class Idea- The Tinker

    Role: The Tinker's role during combat is to provide a distraction that keeps both the enemy preoccupied and allies supported. Damage output is particularly low considering the Tinker's main form of damage comes from the Mechs they construct. As they level up, their Mechs become stronger and...
  10. Ultanian


    Where/how do I set a signature. I'm embarrassed that I don't know this by now.