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  1. Pietro011

    Pietro's Elite, Offtopic mute

    IGN: Pietro011 Muted by: @Moderators @Admins Time of mute: month or so ago Server/Channel: Elite, Offtopic Reason for mute: Because I like pulling Pietro's Your story: Anevia says I will behave myself and if I don't, she will drive to where to live and B**** slap me for the B**** that I am and...
  2. Pietro011

    The Almighty Pietro#1 returns!

    It has been quite awhile and I've heard lots of stuff has changed. So! I hath returned to see what all is new and whatnot...And harass the jerks of the server with my smexy Pietroness. The legend hath returned! Long live Pietro#1!
  3. Pietro011

    Pietro's Global mute

    IGN: Pietro011 Muted by: @Admins @Moderators Time of mute: few minutes ago Server/Channel: global / PVE Reason for mute: saying dealing with trolls in o chat Your story: I'll make this short. I've had problems with 2 guides within this server, had a forum page slandering me, tried to defend...
  4. Pietro011

    Suggestion Finding inactive players while trying to claim structures

    I understand this has been mentioned a thousand times before, but I figured I'd make a post since I'm not sure how to find the other ones...Also mainly posting this since I have to leave for work in a few minutes. Is there something going on behind the curtains for those of us who want to find...
  5. Pietro011

    Bug Cauldron Problems

    I can place the cauldron, But I can't access the menu. Tried to place a craft table next to it and nothing. Is this a bug?
  6. Pietro011

    Council Application : Pietro011

    Minecraft IGN: Pietro011 Position applying for: Rules Council Age|Timezone: 24 / EST How long have you been on Herocraft?: Since Bastion. Why do you think you would make a good Council Member?: I enjoy helping folks, bringing fairness and try to eliminate unfairness. I am hard at times...
  7. Pietro011

    Aegis Untrustworthy Players

    These players have committed legal but evil actions in which they confiscate or steal items by using their access to a regioned area. This is a list of Untrustworthy Players, and you should seriously consider the risk if you think these players are trying to scam you or your town. Current...
  8. Pietro011

    Not a Bug Town Region goes down by bug

    Today my Town region went down with over 1k souls in town bank. 0 missed payments. Come home from work, whole town is raided. I hope there is reimbursement for this.
  9. Pietro011

    Pietro's Real Estate

    These will not be enforced by mods/admins/devs/nor Kainzo the Almighty. So I travel around Haven looking for structures that have since gone down and I in turn can claim them. I thought to strip them, but I thought some more and I figured it might be more fun to sell them! You might say "Oh...
  10. Pietro011

    The ARS

    Headquarters The Fortress of the Alliances Objectives 1: To protect all those from devastation 2: To unite all people within our nation 3: To denounce the evils of easy pickings 4: To extend our reach to the Heavens above We are the ARS. Dedicated to protecting the brave souls who choose to...