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  1. radicater11

    Inactivity Check

    As of late, the balance team has been quite empty of active players, so I'm setting a timer for one week. After this week, if you have not attended the meeting or have not contacted me your reason for missing the meeting, you'll be removed from the team. Thanks for your cooperation. @Balance Team
  2. radicater11

    Senior Proctor Application: radicater11

    Minecraft IGN: radicater11 Position applying for: Senior Proctor Age|Timezone: 20|EST How long have you been on Herocraft?: It'll be 5 years in 2 months. Why do you think you would make a good Senior proctor?: I have been a calm and calculating proctor thus far, and I know many players will...
  3. radicater11

    Bug BloodBeam

    Blood Beam does not increase my Blood Union by 1 when used, even if it hits something. So, either the wiki is wrong, or the skill is bugged and isn't giving a Blood Union stack, which is a huge part of its utility.
  4. radicater11

    Bug Gladiator Weapons

    Basically, when using one of the gladiator weapons, attack delay is ignored and fulldamage is applied even when spam clicking. You can imagine how problematic this can be when left clicks are balanced around the delay bringing down your dps.
  5. radicater11

    Coding Team App: radicater11

    1. Minecraft IGN: radicater11 2. Position applying for: Coding Team 3. Age: 20 4. Timezone (please use GMT if you live outside of the United States): EST 5. How long have you been playing Minecraft?: Since Alpha 6. How long have you been on Herocraft?: Since 2012, so 5 years now. 7. What is your...
  6. radicater11

    Proctor App: radicater11

    Minecraft IGN: radicater11 Position applying for: Proctor Age|Timezone: 20, EST How long have you been on Herocraft?: 4 years, 4 months. Why do you think you would make a good proctor?: I often see people get away with saying racist slurs, fighting, spamming, and just generally ruining the...
  7. radicater11

    Bug Smite's got issues damaging dungeon mobs

    Smite seems to have backward scaling, instead of dealing MORE damage for disciples, it deals less. This appears to be the case only for dungeon mobs.
  8. radicater11

    Bug Samurai has a couple of broken skills

    Murasame is not healing for 25% of my health, it's more like .25%. Parrymagic doesn't seem to parry magic at all, and bladesgrasp only seems to block half of the time. Please fix these skills, I can get screenshots in game if you'd like.
  9. radicater11

    Bug Alchemist Bug

    Cauldrons do not work, probably because permissions are not in. The cauldron can be made, but no items are produced with known recipes.
  10. radicater11

    Suggestion [New Map] A small incentive change

    Most of the trouble this server has gone through is because higher levels seek out the lower levels and ruin the experience. An easy way to fix this is to have a scaling reward amount based on the ratio between the killed and killer's levels. This would give more incentive to kill higher levels...