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  1. Cellardoor333

    Been a while....

    So it's been a good minute since I last played Herocraft, let alone Minecraft, on PC. What edition would I need to play Herocraft? Jave or Windows 10?.... Also, is there a way to get the game without purchasing it again? I tried to log in on the website but I don't have my PW for the account and...
  2. Cellardoor333

    yea, pretty much....

  3. Cellardoor333

    I... umm... WHAT?!

    This was my cookie's fortune......... Can I retry?
  4. Cellardoor333

    Hide and Seek.

    I refuse to play hide and seek with MsGigi again. MsGigi
  5. Cellardoor333

    An answer please....

    there is a debate in HC right now about dark rooms being illegal. Archerous has admitted to having 3..... are they, or are they not illegal? @Kainzo @Apherdite @Danda @Alator
  6. Cellardoor333


    Anyone know if Spoutcraft will be available when new map drops?
  7. Cellardoor333

    Suggestion Druid Thoughts

    While at work today, I was thinking about how to get druid's suvivability up so that they actually stand a chance in PvP. In FFXI, there are is a spell that we can kinda use as a starting tool for a decent spell/ability for a druid. And I thought of a way to work it into lore as well for...
  8. Cellardoor333

    Cellardoor333's Banker App

    Minecraft IGN: Cellardoor333 Position applying for: Banker Age|Timezone: 26|EST(-5:00GMT) How long have you been on Herocraft?: If memory serves, since April 24, 2012. Why do you think you would make a good banker?: I'm honest and trustworthy. Since I have experience as a customer service...
  9. Cellardoor333

    WTF voting

    Enough said....
  10. Cellardoor333

    Cellardoor333's Application

    In-game Name: Cellardoor333 Location & Age: Florida, 25 Previous Bans: None Referrals: None Reason(s) I should be accepted: I enjoy RPGs and minecraft. I've played for just a little while during the 'No Whitelist' event you guys just had and found it enjoyable. I have had some experience in...