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  1. MsGigi

    Map Images

    You are here (green thing)
  2. MsGigi

    All for Glorious Head, Right Jazza?

  3. MsGigi

    Haven - First 24 Hours of Play

    Some screenshots I captured while playing on the new map, Haven, within the first 24 hours of it starting up. I have like 5 hours of FRAPS footage to go through now so I decided to post the screenies up while I remembered. My new desktop wallpaper Waiting for the port to Haven...
  4. MsGigi

    Suggestion [Titles] Path Mastery

    Suggestion - When heroes master all 4 classes in a path, they receive a special title for it. This could be a prefix or suffix title. These are just a few ideas. Prefix Ideas: Warrior Path - Champion, Legionnaire Rogue Path - Mercenary, Assassin Wizard Path - Seer, Archmage Healer Path -...
  5. MsGigi

    Suggestion Limited Time Store Goodies?

    I think that, in celebration of Kainzo and Apherdite's engagement, limited-edition titles should be up for players to purchase from the store. These titles would be oriented around the engagement, upcoming-wedding, Apherdite, and Kainzo and they would only be obtainable through the store before...
  6. MsGigi

    Malkier - Let's try this again...

    From what I've been told, the "Future Owner" was banned while I was gone. Malkier is still under my ownership and I need to find a new owner. I want someone who'll be able to take care of the town and make it prosper. I don't want someone to just take over the town for the resources and then...
  7. MsGigi

    Stuff - Gigi's "Everything Must Go!" Thread

    I have TONS of stuff to sell/get rid of. Pictures are most of what I have currently up for sale. More pictures to come. If something in the pics isn't for sale, I'll let you know. For now, posting the pictures up here and heading to bed. If you see something you want, make me an offer on...
  8. MsGigi

    Malkier - Ownership Auction

    This has been a topic of discussion between me and many other players and, after painfully accepting that I can't be as active as I want to be, I've decided it's time to give up the City before it's too late. Malkier has been around since the near-beginning of the map. At one point, it was...
  9. MsGigi

    MegaCon And Other Hectic Adventures

    Late tonight or early tomorrow will be my last time being online on Herocraft until after the upcoming weekend (March 15 - 17). I have a lot going on right now with more being added to the plate daily while trying to keep some plans still on for an Anime Convention. I tried to prepare a head...
  10. MsGigi

    Herald App: MsGigi

    1. Minecraft IGN / Age: MsGigi / 20 2. Position applying for: Herald 3. How long have you been on Herocraft?: Nearly 10 Months as of the 23rd of February 4. Timezone (please use GMT if out of US): Eastern Standard Time 5. What are your areas of expertise?: Blogging and Screen-shots with some...