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  1. JacobBurkey

    Bug Engineers Cannot Craft Hoppers

    probs still disabled
  2. JacobBurkey

    Suggestion Monthly Check In -- why are players not staying?

    I'm not saying you staff don't understand this idea, but as mentioned by multiple vets over the years as the numbers dropped people are just getting older and moving on with their lives obviously this doesnt answer the question to new players vets who left: core community, pvpers, fun of the...
  3. JacobBurkey

    Should I return?

    I heard there's only like 5 skills per class now, what was the idea behind that? Seems kind of dumb to me and that's why I never liked other heroes servers and why I liked HC the most. Made it so you had to actually be good at a class and not faceroll 5 buttons without thinking about a combo...
  4. JacobBurkey

    How do you play/Setup pictures

    a monitor
  5. JacobBurkey

    How do you play/Setup pictures

    do you still play
  6. JacobBurkey

    nobody cares

    nobody cares
  7. JacobBurkey

    Suggestion Return of No Griefing please

    quit being a lil bitch dont build until you have money for a town then ???????????? make an lwc and dirt hut until you have money for town ??? join other town till you have money for your own town ??
  8. JacobBurkey

    Suggestion World pvp

    idk if blind or not but do you not see the ceiling of black wool????????????