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  1. judgedread540

    Just a proper goodbye

    I never properly returned after I went on holiday mostly because my return marked the start of school however my flame (not the kind you'd find on league) for HC burnt out. I've spent a few years of my life playing HC and enjoyed it all most of it and I'd like to thank everyone for forming such...
  2. judgedread540

    Holiday for 2 weeks.

    Going on holiday to Tenerife for two weeks, flying on the 25th of July get back on the 5th of August. See you all then! @Admins Could this be moved to the Leave/Absence area of the forum as I don't have perms to post there. Ty vm.
  3. judgedread540

    Strange bug I have.

    When I tab out of minecraft and go onto my second monitor, when I return to my main and hover over minecraft there is a loading cursor, if I click on minecraft while the loading cursor is there it starts to not respond and will eventually crash. To kinda fix this if I hold down print screen...
  4. judgedread540

    Suggestion Trade forum wipe.

    Any trade threads pre-reset are yet to be removed, wasn't sure where else to post this tbh. It'll make it a lot easier to see who is actually selling things if a graveyard is made for them as it was for bastion. (ugh that doesn't make sense but you get what I'm saying, my excuse it that it's 4am)
  5. judgedread540

    Judge's Community Super Store!

    Judge's Community Super Store! [60, 80] Let me quickly explain the idea behind the CSS, if you want it, I'll sell it. All you have to do is post an application here or contact me in game and tell me what your wanted item is. I'll try my very best to gain the items you are looking for if that...
  6. judgedread540

    Guide App: judgedread540

    Minecraft IGN: judgedread540 Position applying for: Guide Age|Timezone: 16|UTC+00:00 How long have you been on Herocraft?: Just over two years. Why do you think you would make a good guide?: I have decided to apply for guide because Kain said he needed more as well as that recently the duties...
  7. judgedread540

    Community Super Store

    Okay with the upcoming release of the new trade district I am going to be opening a community super store. The idea behind this is that if there's something you'd like to buy, I'll make it happen, no matter what the time, no what the cost I'll put in the effort to ensure I can sell the item you...
  8. judgedread540

    What spec should I go?

    So basically, I get bored of being max quite fast but this time I have no idea what I want to play. So you guys pick for me, I'd have done a poll but there aren't enough option boxes. EDIT: Combat that is.
  9. judgedread540

    Questionnaire for Humanites

  10. judgedread540

    Suggestion Souls from mining and leveling feedback

    Okay I don't have any exact numbers but overall I feel that the drop rate of souls from mining is too low in comparison to that of leveling. You kill several mobs and you have at least 5 tiny soul shards however you can mine cobble for 2 minutes and find an iron ore vein which could drop none...