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  1. GoodGrief

    Suggestion Global Market.

    I like it. It would be nice to have multiple markets around the map, so one must travel a little to trade. Otherwise it's like shopping on Amazon. Maybe restrict access to certain market until requirements are met. Town member only markets, PVP markets that would require a certain kill to death...
  2. GoodGrief

    World Wide PvP event

    When I joined is irrelevant. Been playing Minecraft since the beginning. PVP wasn't even a thing for many years. Which is neither here nor there. Herocraft by any definition is not a pure PVP server. PVP is merely a feature, as is PVE, or economy. The reason PVP is having a hard time of it is...
  3. GoodGrief

    World Wide PvP event

    PVE works. Leave it alone. It is PVP that is broken .Why is the solution for improving PVP always messing with PVE? If you wanna make PVP better then make suggestions that would change PVP. Like a road network that provided a speed boost or protection from attack by way of patrolling NPCs. If...
  4. GoodGrief

    How To How to not be a noob

    Maps in item frames do not work as well. Guessing it has something to do with lag.
  5. GoodGrief

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  6. GoodGrief

    PvE vs PvP [The Great Debate of March 2015]

    Questing in pvp would definitely make it more interesting. I would also have the side benefit of causing players and their parties to cross paths more often.
  7. GoodGrief

    Suggestion Town Structure - Fighting Pit

    So any who, I had a though on the kills verses KOs debate. Now I don't know if such a think is possible, but what if a town admin would choose at the climax of the fight. You know, like a thumbs up of thumbs down. The admin would at the point of KO have, I'm going to say, 15 seconds to give the...
  8. GoodGrief

    Suggestion Town Structure - Fighting Pit

    Maybe provide a baseline armor. I believe this is already the case with the server facility. Or let the local smith make a little money doing repairs.
  9. GoodGrief

    Suggestion Town Structure - Fighting Pit

    I have gone to Arena several times. No one is ever there.
  10. GoodGrief

    Suggestion Town Structure - Fighting Pit

    So 4th level, city i believe, would be the natural minimum to build a fighting pit. And perhaps upgrades would be possible. Pit to Arena, Arena to Colosseum, or something like that. Each grade would have new features. Pit would allow for PVP and betting(the structure would have it's own soul...