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  1. EvilThor

    [Suggestion/bug] shoutbox

    Would it be possible to get the shoutbox back under the forums? I liked it much better, and it was much easier to use when it was there :) It is just so unpractical that the lines split that often (when it's on the side of the front page).
  2. EvilThor

    Mana neyestani cartoons

    Don't know if any of you has heard about him (probably). He's from the middle-east, and makes cartoons from peace. I can sit and watch his cartoons for like an hour when I first start. Here is some of them :)
  3. EvilThor

    Heya it's, summer time!

    Hai, they really need to open up the leave/absence subforum fr new thread postings again.. because: These days the heat has hit Norway with overwhelming powers. The sun is shining bright on the sky, and the air is getting more dry.. This is the sign that summer has come, and it also mean that...
  4. EvilThor

    Bug unable to drop books

    When you drop books with text in (made by someone), the server think it is a book of heroes, and delete it instead of dropping it on the floor. So when you drop a book with text in, you got told to write "/book" to get your book of heroes back..
  5. EvilThor

    The beautiful nature on Herocraft RPG

    I was out leveling today, and suddenly I ran upon this place. It was abseloutly fantastic, and it's like I'm never gonna see anything beautiful again... MajorasMask hello majora
  6. EvilThor

    Suggestion Fire spread

    Would it be possible to turn fire spread off? I don't believe there is any reason to have this on at a building server..
  7. EvilThor

    Relax your chicken!

  8. EvilThor

    Kainzo's new super command :O

    Fear this..
  9. EvilThor

    [Hamlet]Camelot{NOT RECRUITING}

    Camelot Mayor/Lord: EvilThor Commander(SiC): EtKEnn Council: Ropsux and NamelessFreak Location: Only given to members Knight-Citizens: We are currently cleaning the member list, please be patient and an updated list will come. Fallen...