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  1. draconis99

    Suggestion [General] - How to greatly improve Herocraft (personal observation)

    This is going to be a long post. There is no way around that. I will try to keep it as organized as I can to make reading easier on the eyes. There is simply too much information for a simple TLDR. I apologize in advance. Herocraft will always have a special place in my heart, but now that I...
  2. draconis99

    Suggestion Vivecraft

    Being a big game advocate and a giant supporter of new technology, I got myself a Vive VR headset. Minecraft is working on official support for VR on their Windows 10 platform, and the community wasn't too happy that they abandoned the Java version, which is what we all play Herocraft on, so...
  3. draconis99

    Bug Smith repair skill

    The repair skill gained by blacksmith does not identify the shield as a repairable object yet. Seems odd since the smith later gains a craft shield skill. I think it was simply not added after it became an item and was overlooked, but I could be wrong.
  4. draconis99

    [PVE&PVP] Labyrinth

    All players are flung into a labyrinth by random piston pushing and chutes, etc. The Labyrinth is full of traps and surprises, and those who once were your friendly neighbors have gone mad. It's a wolf eat wolf out there as you seek the treasure within. The center of the Labyrinth has a prize...
  5. draconis99

    Seasonal Themed Events

    I think herocraft should have its own themed seasonal events. They don't need to be based off of real world events, in fact I think it would be best if there was herocraft lore created just for these events. Who knows, maybe we could get this as a christmas present ;)
  6. draconis99

    [contest] Wow Me

    In order to help jump start thinkers and help novices think up traps, I think a redstone contest is in order. For too long has it always been about building structures. I want a contest with redstone. Categories: -most efficient -most complex -most compact -didn't even know it was there -how...
  7. draconis99

    Resetable Gauntlets

    Dungeons with traps, parkour jumping, and mazes. Once they are open, they can either be free or require a fee to rejoin everytime you die. First few people to make it through alive win the prizes. These dungeons would be fully resetable and able to be closed off. Multiple pathways that lead to...
  8. draconis99

    Town Nodes (pvp)

    Throughout the world there would be placed capture nodes that towns can capture. Once these nodes are captured, they provide certain benefits/buffs to the town that controls them. Some examples of buffs: -extra exp from mobs -more chance of rare loot/money to drop -minor bonus to mana regen...
  9. draconis99

    ranked PVP world

    The HUB should have another world players can access with various pvp games such as capture the flag, hungergames, or whatever these young whippersnappers are doing these days. Entering these matches will cost the player some of their exp from their combat class. Players can turn some of their...
  10. draconis99

    Betting arena

    An arena for pvp and dueling with an actual reason to fight - money. Outside of the arena there will be 2 separated areas, each with an LWC chest with the deposit flag, one for team RED and one for team BLUE. Both teams will place the items they are betting inside the chests and push a button...