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  1. Mirelva

    Mirelva's Whitelist Application :U

    Yay time to be a beguiler
  2. Mirelva

    Mirelva's Whitelist Application :U

    I dont know why, in fact i dont even remember this site or making that account nor posting anything on it, then again i havent got into minecraft in a while. Sorrybrb we gotta eatOk im here sorry
  3. Mirelva

    Boston Bombing

    Agreed 1 of my teachers was wounded in this tragedy and we get to see him within a few days of recovery. Sick things people do.
  4. Mirelva

    Burk Burk BUGURK!

    Burk Burk BUGURK!
  5. Mirelva

    Mirelva's Whitelist Application :U

    1. Minecraft In-game name: Mirelva 2. Location & Age: California, 15 3. Previous Bans from other Servers: Never been banned! OH YA 4. Referral(s): pies207 (Friend setting me up right now) 5. How did you hear about Herocraft?: My friend pies207 told me to play.. 6. Have you voted for Herocraft...