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  1. wolfgang784

    What is your fav class and why? NO DEBATES

    What is your favorite class and more importantly why is it your favorite. Because it fits your play style? Utility? Good in groups? Just say whatever you wanna say about it. You can also say your favorite crafter class as well if you want. DO NOT TURN THIS INTO A DEBATE THREAD HOWEVER. GO...
  2. wolfgang784

    [Hamlet] GreyCorp West [11]

    Welcome to GreyCorp West! Strategy, Creativity and Technology Here at GreyCorp West (which is where we are located) we have a goal. A goal to become the largest corporation that this server has to offer. Through our eventual expansions into the North, South and East we plan to take over the...
  3. wolfgang784

    Grey's Late Night Diner (Also greyP Inc.) [9]

    Please take a moment to read a personal appeal from our founder George "greyP" Douglas: greyP Incorporated was started by greyP near the beginning of this world. His early weeks were spent painlessly toiling in his cobble mines attempting to extract as much of the precious resource from the...
  4. wolfgang784

    Hardware and average FPS thread

    So for reasons I have never been able to figure out while researching or talking to people I get absolutely terrible fps in Minecraft for some reason for what card I have. Its fine in other games for the most part, but its getting worse as new games come out so I am about to upgrade my video...
  5. wolfgang784

    Bug Fire Blast damage -never- displays on mobs until updated

    As the title says, I tested it and others know about it as well. I don't see it reported in here so I figured I'd throw it out. Essentially, when you use the spell fire blast the 150 damage is done to the mob but the mobs health does not reflect the damage, ever. The damage is not taken out of...
  6. wolfgang784

    SO. Hackers. Are they a problem? (PC)

    SO. How full of hackers is this game on the PC? I hear that it's pretty bad and not really worth playing due to the amount of people that hack on the PC.Does anyone else here have it? How bad are the hackers? Is it worth it? Is the game in general worth $60? I keep getting linked to videos on...
  7. wolfgang784

    Users do not count towards charter - they sign it, it works, but it says 7 more

    So. Now that the last issue is fixed, managing to leave the last town, we cannot get a charter to work properly. It worked fine for the CC and it became a full town, and we asked others for help. We are doing it properly according to everyone, it is just bugging out. Pretty much the issue is...
  8. wolfgang784

    Town owners cannot leave

    Every time me, HolyRane, and greyP attempt to leave our town it says "You must select a new owner before leaving town". We have tried /town leave, /leave town, and /http leave. We have also tried to demote ourselves and to demote each other. When we try that, it says "Are you sure you are doing...
  9. wolfgang784

    New "Post your battlestation" thread

    It was a good thread last time, but I don't like to necro, so here is a new one. Last time I posted I had a laptop on the floor and a bowl of soup. Now I have a desk and a new computer that I built in early November. So, you guys know the drill. Post your current battlestation as is. No...
  10. wolfgang784

    Mod App: wolfgang784

    Minecraft IGN: wolfgang784 Position applying for: Moderator Age|Timezone: I am seventeen years old and I live in the eastern standard timezone. How long have you been on Herocraft?: I will have been playing Herocraft a year on December 23rd, eleven days from now. I have been on and off a...