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  1. Seratt

    Trade Rules

    Minecraft Server Trade Rules: 1) Do not post illegal trades or scams. 2) Do not sell items for someone else. Item(s) for sale must be in your possession. 3) Do not whore, or bash, for sale threads. If you don’t like the price, don’t post or PM the seller with your issue. Offers lower than the...
  2. Seratt

    Multiple Accounts on the Same IP

    All players on Herocraft are allowed one account per person. Alt accounts are not allowed. Boxing is not allowed (A single person playing more the one account at the same time.) From this point on, any accounts found using the same IP address will be removed from Herocraft unless those...
  3. Seratt

    Design DH a Flag

    We need some ideas from you guys. We are looking to design a flag for Disposable Heroes. The main colors are black and red. Maybe gold or grey/silver accents. The letters can be DH, [DH], or Disposable Heroes. An iron cross would be superb also.
  4. Seratt

    Server is Down

    For a few hours due to a hardware malfunction. We'll let you guys know as soon as it is back up.
  5. Seratt


    HEROCRAFT ONLINE SERVICE RULES The most up-to date rules can be found on the wiki here Server staff retain the right to kick, ban, or close access to any or all users of Herocraft Online Services at any time. The rules are constantly being updated, check back often. Herocraft features a...
  6. Seratt


    Please read over our Terms of Service. By logging into Herocraft: The Multiverse, Herocraft Online Forums, or any other Herocraft affiliated site, you agree to abide by the rules listed in our Terms of Service. TERMS OF SERVICE
  7. Seratt


    FORUM/CHAT RULES Respect all staff. Respect everyone on the forums. (Do not be rude, disrespectful, malicious or any other form of related activity). Profanity is allowed, but please control yourself. Excessive use is unnecessary. No racism allowed. (This includes all variants of the derogatory...