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  1. SilentDoom55

    Coder Application: SilentDoom5

    1. Minecraft IGN: SilentDoom5 2. Position applying for: Coding Team 3. Age: 17 4. Timezone (please use GMT if you live outside of the United States): EST 5. How long have you been playing Minecraft?: ~6 years 6. How long have you been on Herocraft?: ~4 years 7. What is your level of Java...
  2. SilentDoom55

    Bug Town Harvester Has Disappeared

    As the title states, the town harvester for my town (Black Mesa) seems to have disappeared. There is no longer any mention of him in chat, that he successfully collected items or failed in doing so. There is just no mention of him at all. By doing /town buyaddon harvester it states that the...
  3. SilentDoom55

    Bug Runeblade isn't Mastered

    Despite me reaching level 60 as a runeblade, and having the runeblade title, it is not listed as one of my mastered classes on the /who command. Additionally, this was one of my classes required for enlightenment (as confirmed by an emerald tome), however, when i used a knowledge crystal it said...
  4. SilentDoom55

    Bug Engineers Cannot Craft Hoppers

    As the title states, as a level 52 Engineer, with the Novice Engineer skill, I do not have the ability to craft hoppers, it gives me the message "You do not know how to craft this item". In addition, when I attempt to pick up a hopper that was already placed in the world, it also does not allow...
  5. SilentDoom55

    Enchanted and Non-enchanted Bows

    Closed, can someone tell me how to close this?