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  1. Warforged79

    Suggestion Just a few server ideas ?.?

    * For "War" offer all participants a runners up reward 2% extra off tax until next war (just a off the top of head reward not real) * Cap Nations to 3-5 towns so no Nation steam rolls * Put up a option for /Call4War that allows the server to vote on bonus "War" time through out the week (costs...
  2. Warforged79

    Helheim [Recruiting]

    Tired of creepers creeping? Zombie apocalypse getting you down? Then we would like to invite you to the town that not only survives... it thrives! Helheim Helheim (The word “Hel” simply means “hidden/concealed,” Old Norse Helheimr, is one of the Nine Worlds of Norse mythology. Helheim is the...
  3. Warforged79

    Suggestion New Class and change in class suggestions!

    NEW CLASS: Soul Merchant (caster) has 2 insta-dmg spells or dots, at Lv 10 can cast a perma zombie minion till death (debuff of health on death) at lv 15 can cast thorns buff that deals 5dmg if damaged and has 15% chance on hit or to hit that summons 1 of 3 skellies with only 5hp ( 5 hp coz its...
  4. Warforged79

    Suggestion Current map Suggestion Ensemble

    Whilst in conversation with the marvelous peoples of the off-peak Herocraft, i have decided to add what i think to be my positive suggestions towards what i believe to be the betterment of the server that I have come to love and contribute financially (under the current map). Before i begin on...
  5. Warforged79

    Town corroding, plz help!

    G'day peep's, I just upgraded my town Deadpool from tribe to Hamlet but the wiki says upgrade is bugged so to do : Stand in the central structure region and use /to destroy. This will put the super-region inactive temporarily, until you remake the central structure and upgrade the town. Be...