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  1. Paul_Bakken

    Suggestion Dispensers disabled?

    Hi all, After leveling up Engineer, I tried to build a contraption that uses dispensers... Only to find that dispensers are restricted to admin only. What was the reason dispensers were disabled? Not having access to them makes a lot of the more useful machines impossible to build. Is there...
  2. Paul_Bakken

    Redecorating the SE

    Hiyo Herocraftians, I am just posting this thread to document that I am giving permission to the two desert themed towns in the SE corner of the map to dismantle the decorative wall that I was building around the dungeon there (Sky-whatever). Please feel free to scavenge the materials and...
  3. Paul_Bakken

    Bug Hopper recipe disabled?

    I am a level 34 Engineer, but cannot craft hoppers. The error message says something like, "you do not know this recipe." Is this as intended, or do the perms need to be fixed? Thanks.
  4. Paul_Bakken

    Bug Loot crates giving just one loot crate?

    I would have done a /pe on this, but I am not presently where I can get in game. Today, Kainzo kindly gave me the two keys I had coming from a donation. When I used them on my two loot crates, each loot crate produced... A single loot crate. So, I found out that loot crates can, indeed, yield...
  5. Paul_Bakken

    Bug Loss of soul items from inventory on world transfer

    I lost all soul items from my inventory when I took the boat from PVP to Central. I was trying to haul them to central to sell at the exchange. Upon TP from PVP to Central, I heard the "ding ding ding" sound that sounds like levelling up or picking up XP. I didn't remember hearing that...
  6. Paul_Bakken

    1 of 1058!

    Hey fellow Heroes -- I found out yesterday that I am one of only 1058 people out of over 202,000 applicants to be selected to move on to round 2 of the Mars-One program. Still a little stunned to be honest, but am honored and humbled at the opportunity. My family is very supportive. The...
  7. Paul_Bakken

    Bug Lava Bucket use error message

    While playing in Shrine, I am unable to use lava buckets. I get a message saying something like "use is restricted to Crafter 30." I first tried this as a level 60 Engineer/15 Ninja, and later as a level 6 Enchanter/15 Ninja. Could we get the permissions fixed on this please? I cannot...
  8. Paul_Bakken

    Suggestion Mechanism to help with entity lag

    @Kainzo et. al.: I came across this idea and thought that I would pass it along. I am certain that HC already does something like this, but this method seems to be nice and tidy, and does not require manual butchers, etc. Link to the Admincraft Reddit thread...
  9. Paul_Bakken

    Bug IC 1271 not working

    I am a level 49 Engineer and this IC shows up as permitted to me in my skills list. However, when I try to place one, I get a message that I do not have permission to use this IC, and the sign pops off. Thanks for looking into this!
  10. Paul_Bakken

    Old parody video that I made

    Wow. I was going through some old stuff and came across this... This was a Minecraft themed spoof I did of the Gotye song "Somebody that I used to know." It features horrible production values, off-key singing, and a cheesy premise. Somehow it still makes me smile, though! I thought that...