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  1. FaZeAlpine

    ALERT SHOW US YOUR FACE! (if you dare)

    a e s t h e t i c
  2. FaZeAlpine

    The Super Ultra Mega Thread of What You Want + Herocraft RPG

    I appreciate the shout-out James! :D
  3. FaZeAlpine


    I think a good solution is to promote 4 with a primary reward. Then provide the rest of the active voting sites as a 'do on your own accord' option, and possibly still include a reward that's minor compared to the primary reward.
  4. FaZeAlpine

    HAVEN - List of Untrustworthy Players - New Map will have New List

    ...and @NathanielOlsen / @Zelphril for having a pigeon face.
  5. FaZeAlpine

    HAVEN - List of Untrustworthy Players - New Map will have New List

    I'd like to add @Piptendo for necroing threads.
  6. FaZeAlpine

    Suggestion Weekly or Daily Conquest Points

    A great model to go off is Albion Online's castle sieges, and daily/weekly 'treasure' chests. They've always become large points that would attract groups of over 25 players, mainly due to the great incentives and reliable scheduled nature of things. @Trazil and @TimForReal can add onto that as...
  7. FaZeAlpine

    LazyTown - Reformed!

    IGN: TheUberNerd Age (if you are 13 you are legal): How long you have played Herocraft (must have played less than one year): Willing to use Discord: Combat Class: Crafter Profession: Why do you wish to join our town?: What can you contribute?: Have you ever been muted or banned before? (MUST...
  8. FaZeAlpine

    To beyond!

  9. FaZeAlpine

    A Fallen Hero..

    The sexiest Asian/White kid I'll ever know, and now the realest chigga in the afterlife. RIP my boy <3