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    CITADEL PvP Vids

    I considered smoking for along time but this song gave me all the cancer I will ever need
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    Fly's Bullshit Gmute

    IGN: hipposarefish Muted by: @(name) @Kainzo Time of mute: Approx. 5:00 CST Yesterday Server/Channel: Gmute Reason for mute: Calling kainzo a racist inconsiderate fuck Your story: Soooo lets get into it. Kainzo said something about adding a title somewhere along the lines of...
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    Gotta love RA

    Yearly Bump
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    Suggestion New Boost Percentages

    Okay so I've talked with most of the important/active players on the server, and everyone agrees the new boost percentages blow. I understand kainzo what's to reward the booster, however lowering a 320% boost to 250% boost is literally the worst way to do that. My suggestion is keep all boosts...
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    Suggestion Money Sinks: Coins > Titles

    10000c to remove TheRapist title
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    Hey friend, how are ya

    Hey friend, how are ya
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    I've waited 93 years.

    Finly i save
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    Bug Samurai

    Ok so samurai is at a good spot right now. Not overly powerful, not shit like paladin (lol). But the class still needs fixing so skill by skill here we go: Cleave - Shitty skill that I never even key binded. I see no real reason for sam to have this skill other than leveling, but even that...
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    T'was fun ;-;
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    HiddenAssassins and Friends

    Thanks for the update, I wanted to know so bad.