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  1. Delta788

    Bug Bard weapon broke

    @Church_ Can you look into this? =)
  2. Delta788

    Read GUILD post format

    Looking at starting a guild within your town or maybe even between multiple towns? Create a post to let others know! Below are some guidelines for you to follow for your post Township threads should be titled as such: {PREFIX} NAME OF GUILD Post the information below in your town thread...
  3. Delta788

    Read Township Planning subforum guidelines

    Welcome to the Township Planning subforum! Please read the following rules and information about this topic following here: Applicants to townships must post a reply to a township planning thread started by a Mayor they are wishing to join. New posts should be reserved for mayors only...
  4. Delta788

    Read Township Post Requirements and Information

    Create your township threads here. Make sure you have read the RULES. Township threads should be titled as such: {NAME OF TOWNSHIP} Post the information below in your town thread: Township Name: Mayor: Second-In-Command: (You may also list council members on a new line below this) Location of...
  5. Delta788

    game servers are back up, new host is running good.

    game servers are back up, new host is running good.
  6. Delta788

    ALERT Herocraft: Remastered, beta coming May 15th

    Time to get the ball rolling. Glad to see this!
  7. Delta788

    Suggestion (Support) Class Skill Suggestions

    +1 for skills/class changes most of what you have is already on the to-do list funny enough.
  8. Delta788

    Suggestion Suggestions for HC Remastered

    We have all already talked about this as a team, costs of spawn plots and markets will be cheaper than they have been in the past. I really like the idea of new players not being able to be attacked for xxx hours... however I feel like this will make a toxic environment as people will troll...
  9. Delta788

    Suggestion Spreading out skills & Shrinking levels.

    We will be going to a lot less skills per class, I do like the idea of going to a lower level cap though. I will bring it up.
  10. Delta788

    Suggestion Brainstorming Ideas - PVP- World

    100% agree with this.