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  1. devotedworker

    Bug Town Bank Reset

    I have actual evidence of a town bank reset. The following video was taken last night I then added a shit ton of cobble to my bank Now this is my bank now As you can see, the cobble has gone missing. I'd go nuts and highlight every items changed value but its a pain in the ass. Either...
  2. devotedworker

    Teaching Bukkit to Noobs!

    This Thread will be all about Teaching the Bukkit ( and I guess Hero's API ) to all of the New Coders or to be coders! Here is a collection of Links I have gotten learning the Bukkit API and Hero's API. HERO API The Hero API JavaDocs : hc.to/javadocs Example Skill ...
  3. devotedworker

    Bug Fences are Uncraftable.

    ^^^ Doesn't even show the Option
  4. devotedworker

    Bug Towns earning Money Doesn't work...

    Currently Houses do not give Revinue nor do Trade routes. The Item is not consumed and no money is given.
  5. devotedworker

    Bug /to shop is not accessable

    ^^ Pretty much the title
  6. devotedworker

    Townships 3.0 Tutorial [ By Devotedworker ]

    BASICS Townships 3.0 Operates on a few basic principles - Regions [ Buildings you can make to preform certain Action within the town - Tax [ Requirement to keep the town up ] - Other Town Relations [ What other towns want to do to you ] REGIONS Regions are special "Buildings" that are a...
  7. devotedworker

    Bug Town Drainage Power Bug

    Ok, so overnight Sliverspring made Outposts and Siegecannons to kill the town, And they where deactivated by an Unknown individual who removed the re-aggents preventing them from Activating. <3 You person! This aftenoon the power was at 650ish/750ish ( Cuz they must have fired for a little bit...
  8. devotedworker

    Mod App : Devotedworker

    Minecraft IGN: devotedworker Position applying for: Mod/Moderator Age|Timezone: 16 | EST How long have you been on Herocraft?: Over a Year, Whitelisted 11/25/2013 Why do you think you would make a good mod?: As a member of the Herocraft community, I am quite aware it takes hard work and...
  9. devotedworker

    Town Of Silverspring [Medium] - Actively Recruiting!

    Town Of Silverspring [Insert Weird Picture here ] Our Town Staff Town Mayor – Anevia ( Our Nature loving leader who is supper nice! ) Town Successor – MorganFX ( Our Quiet yet cool Co-Leader! ) Manager#1 - Dancergirl653 ( Our Artist and Mute Manager! ) Manager#2 – Devotedworker ( Our...
  10. devotedworker

    Bug /attributes reset confirm

    When reseting your attributes when you do the "Confirm" thingy it says Comand: /attributes Discription: Usage: /attributes I wanna reset my attributes >.< Halp!