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  1. Xanipher

    Ruger in his natural habitat after being released by scientists.

    Majestic. @Ruger392
  2. Xanipher

    Bug Crate not granting Gem of Remorse

    PE 1537 on behalf of Trizze User did not receive a Gem of Remorse from his crate chest. http://i.imgur.com/jtlZCr5.png
  3. Xanipher

    ALERT [PLOTS] King's District (PVP/Aegis)

    Due to high demand, I've opened up more plots in the area formerly known as the Embassy section. They have now been renamed King's District Plots. These follow the same rules as Noble Plots. 16 New plots 3500s - 7000s Across from the Nexus in Aegis Same rules as Noble Plots Thanks everyone...
  4. Xanipher

    ALERT THE PURGE (Spawn Plot Inactivity)

    Hello Herocrafters! It's that time to start clearing up spawn plots from inactivity. If you haven't come on it a long time, you might want to now if you wish to save your plot. Some have already been reassigned to active players that have been waiting for one for a while! If you are 30 days or...
  5. Xanipher

    ALERT [EVENT] BATTLEDOME 5v5 | August Edition

    *-Herocraft Presents-* THE BATTLEDOME 5v5 TOURNAMENT Saturday, August 16th @ 4pm EST Entry Deadline: 16th @ 2pm EST Location: EVENT SERVER Type: Single Elimination Bracket* (Final round: Best of 3) HOW TO PARTICIPATE: - Gather 5 awesome fighters (a 6th sub is permitted) - Have one member of...
  6. Xanipher

    [CENTRAL] Introducing Central Plots!

    Today we are launching 3 types of plots available on Central. We had planned this for a long time but it got pushed back a little! We hope that you'll appreciate the new diversity in plots offered. All regular plot rules apply, unless noted by rule change. You may own one plot on PVP/PVE AND...
  7. Xanipher

    ALERT [PVP] Noble Plot Auction!

    Noble Plot Auction! ENDS AT 9PM EST TONIGHT http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/usa/new-york The Staff has decided that auctioning off plots of users is a much more fun way to deal with inactivity etc! We're going to try a public timed bid for this round. If it turns out terrible, then we'll...
  8. Xanipher

    ALERT Rule Updates: Townships / PVE

    We are always looking to refine the rules and make them better, if you feel you have any suggestions or issues with the rules, we will be happy to discuss them. These changes come about from specific issues that need addressing. They aren't perfect and may change. We continue to try to make...
  9. Xanipher

    ALERT PVE Rules Currently in Effect:

    Just a reminder that we update the rules wiki on a regular basis as it is impossible to think up all the rules needed at once. We are constantly dealing with new situations and new scenarios that need defined rules. Please refer to the rules wiki often. We will try to keep you updated on the...
  10. Xanipher

    ALERT Aegis & Sanctuary Noble / Royal plot info!

    ==================================================================================================== Noble & Royal Plots Aegis - Sanctuary ==================================================================================================== Welcome to the new maps everyone! This post is for...