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  1. devotedworker

    Yep! Time sure flies

    Yep! Time sure flies
  2. devotedworker


  3. devotedworker

    What are you reading light novels right now?

    Overlord Night Novels. They are the single most halarious and simultaneously most evil Books I've read in a long while. A lot of it is humor in misconception, and the sheer amount of evil horrific acts the Main Character accidentally stumbles into.
  4. devotedworker


  5. devotedworker

    Bug Miner unable to warp

    Its intentional, warp is meant for noobs. Use the Herogates
  6. devotedworker

    Coding team app: has400

    @Kainzo @Admins
  7. devotedworker

    Bug Endurance Skill Bug

  8. devotedworker


    /ch shout and /shout Only emit to nearby players, if thats what you mean
  9. devotedworker

    Read Working To-do List: Community Edition

    Also many of the skills in /skills do not have their mana cost and information listed, while others do
  10. devotedworker

    Read Working To-do List: Community Edition

    We also are in need of having Hoppers and Dispensers re-added So the ability to be crafted Ability to be placed Dispensers: Boat exploit no longer exists ( We can use em now freely ) , and arrow damage has been fixed. There's no reason it would continue to be banned Hoppers: The speed hoppers...