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  1. Kankardan

    Not a Bug /showitem (code) Enchanted Armor

    Yes im back again and here to report a common problem for me. I am a merchant and yes I have a shop at corner of Cherry Street and Main Street at spawn I have items enchanted and put them up for sale. Some items have the same enchant for example Iron Chest Unbreak III Protection IV...
  2. Kankardan

    Not a Bug /Iteminfo

    I have over 60 chestshops in my trade district shop. I have had armor enchanted example: 303#8T Chainmail chest with prot iV / unbreak III / thorns II now they are 303:173#bk these will not sell in the same chest shop I have created now times this by 60 shops at 50souls per = 3000 souls just...
  3. Kankardan

    Bug Deathchest error

    Ok as requested by Kainzo... i resisted (rage quit) and i'm focusing my rage into this letter about a possible bug. I was mining at: x: -1997.31 y: 5 (feet pos) z: -2069.67 In haven (ocean) During this time i was WTFPWN by a zombie apocalypse and beaten to a pulp until dead. all of my items...
  4. Kankardan

    Whitelist Application Herocraft

    Minecraft In-game name: Kankardan Location & Age: Ontario Canada, Age 34 Previous Bans from other Servers (If yes, explain where/when): None Referral(s)[Optional]: None Have you voted for Herocraft Yes Have you subscribed to our YouTube Channel? Yes Have you followed us on Twitter? Yes Do you...