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  1. Scycor

    ALERT Back to the Basics - Complete Reset | New Era - December 21st

    superjump plz come back to me
  2. Scycor

    Gotta love RA

    bring back RA 2k14
  3. Scycor

    youre a scrub. gg

    youre a scrub. gg
  4. Scycor

    [Hamlet] Midgard, The White City [15] (Evil)

    real question is why are you active?
  5. Scycor

    [Hamlet] Midgard, The White City [15] (Evil)

    franky why do you make people so sad they just want to be your friend
  6. Scycor

    [Hamlet] Midgard, The White City [15] (Evil)

    What is your IGN (case sensitive)? Scycor How long have you played HC? 2 1/2 years How old are you? 15 perv Why do you want to join? Your my online buddies Other Towns you were part of? None for the past 2 maps What class are you? Lost soul Future spec plans (class and profession)? How often are...
  7. Scycor

    Staff Meeting (teamspeak3)

    Sorry I didn't make it, I didn't realize that today I was going to hangout with my brother whom I haven't seen in months.
  8. Scycor

    What's your favorite class?

    Les Dragoon.
  9. Scycor

    Staff Meeting (teamspeak3)

    Ill try and be there.
  10. Scycor

    Suggestion Intro to Herocraft - video wanted

    Okay, now I know I've said this like 1029890838 billion times, but I finally know the date my new gaming desktop is going to arrive. That date is set to November 15 (Already ordered) , so if no one has stepped up and tried to make one, I'll try when I get it.