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  1. Kankardan

    ALERT Herocraft now allows all clients to connect! (1.7 to 1.16)

    guys does play.hc.to only work for java edition or does it work on windows 10 edition (bedrock). Cause as it stands it says I need a port Number. i can't use the technique application because i forgot the damn password and their email system to change the password is indefinitely down now
  2. Kankardan

    Yo man im back

    Yo man im back
  3. Kankardan

    Tier 9

    Tier 9
  4. Kankardan


    Thanks guys ! Happy to be here and help Drakenvale grow and prosper
  5. Kankardan

    Name Your Favorite Player

    @dingytoothpaste Favorite bud @archceaser Level headed dedicated manager should be successor of Drakenvale @Evanist Cool French voice @FrankyDemon1996 Best PVPer always up for a good fight
  6. Kankardan

    Conquest - World PVP Objectives - Design Doc

    In addition to the exp reward I think the town should receive some type of reward as well but not tangible in the way that the players benefit.... For instance if lvl 1-2-3 is obtained the 1 hour timer perhaps add a soul donation to the town to help them work towards the next tier. This way...
  7. Kankardan

    Villager Wipe?!

    so in other words.... a protected in town village filled with maxed villagers farmed and groomed to the way we want. Weeks of work, thousands of emeralds later to find the right villagers for merchant sales, gone down the drain and all we have to satisfy our pain and grief is a "Oops" ? I...
  8. Kankardan

    Not a Bug /showitem (code) Enchanted Armor

    Still waiting on response. This is not a duplicate or a case of selling used stuff. This is legit and I would like a response please
  9. Kankardan

    ALERT Introducting: The Royal District Plots

    The royal plots are bigger but do they allow for more height as well ? I would like to sell my plot and obtain a royal but I would also like it to stand out above the 3300 s plots. please advise