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  1. strongholdx

    On Sanctum

    How I wish I could visit that world With its ancient tower tall. And how I wish I could walk inside its striking gilded hall. I would stand upon its walls, carved of great blue, And look upon my homeland, thriving, living, true. How I wish I could travel the lands, At rest stops I would stay...
  2. strongholdx

    The great riders of Herocraft

    There were once a group of great riders among the players of Herocraft They could mount beasts and use them as hats And other just ate carrots @Pearl2492 @barbas0l @AtomicTempest
  3. strongholdx

    Suggestion Superheat should make clay bricks when mining clay blocks.

    It only makes sense.
  4. strongholdx

    An account of Salem Hawthorne - The King of Crows

    It should be stated that almost the entirety of what we know about Salem Hawthorne is speculation. Where he came from and where he went is unknown, but we know of the things he did. The self proclaimed King of Crows stood almost seven feet tall, wore thick woolen robes at all times, and kept a...
  5. strongholdx

    The hunt

    The dreadknight paused. Nothing moved in the jungle, all was still. No trees rustled, no birds sang, no animals called, there was nothing. She turned her eyes to the ground and searched for signs of her prey. A claw mark in the mud, a drop of blood in the foliage, the beast was near. She had...
  6. strongholdx

    The scorching of knowledge

    Up upon my starlit hill in the middle of the night, there appeared a dancing flame shining, burning bright. It was gone in an instant, as quick as it appeared, leaving behind a being that every creature feared. His eyes as dark as shadow his robes as black as night, there were few among this...
  7. strongholdx

    Mod app: strongholdx

    Minecraft IGN: strongholdx Position applying for: Mod Age|Timezone: 20|CST How long have you been on Herocraft?: 3 Years 5 months. Why do you think you would make a good mod?: I'm a seasoned veteran considering the age of this server. I know the ins and outs of the game as well as the...
  8. strongholdx

    Spout: Connection Lost

    So, on the most recent version of Spout, I cannot connect to Herocraft. It shows that the server is online but continually says I cannot log in due to no connection. Anyone know this problem and any possible fixes?
  9. strongholdx

    Introducing: The Grand Revamp

    Good day herocrafters, adventurers, Zo, guide, proctor, and player alike. I am Strongholdx as the nameplate clearly states. Today I have made a decision, one that was a long time in the making. Today I present to you something I had been avoiding for almost as long as I can remember. Today I...
  10. strongholdx

    Strongholdx's /o mute

    IGN: strongholdx Banned by?: Thamerwaste Time of ban: Aprox 11:00PM CTS 6/13/12 Reason for ban: For being disrepectful Your story: I was in o chat when someone suggested writting lore about the Tree Creepers. I responded with a harsh personal opinion that was rude and possibly offensive...