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  1. UltimateOptics

    Off on holiday for a week

    Going on holiday tomorrow and will not be online for a week :( See you guys soon :D @Xanipher - Could this be moved to the correct forum section please (Leave/absences) Thanks :D
  2. UltimateOptics

    Bug DC/Connecting to Limbo bug (Problem found)

    So yesterday I was PvPing in a town against a Pyromancer and some others, I tried to use the Necromancer skill FeignDeath, a second or so later I was disconnect from the PvP server and put into Limbo. 5-10 seconds later the server teleported me back to the PvP server where I was on the death...
  3. UltimateOptics

    UltimateOptics Moderator Application

    Minecraft IGN: UltimateOptics Position applying for: Mod Age|Timezone: 16 GMT+1 How long have you been on Herocraft?: 2 years one month Why do you think you would make a good mod?: I think i would make a good moderator for Herocraft because over my period of time playing within the...
  4. UltimateOptics

    WTS Smith Services!

    UltimateOptics Smithing Corp. First smith shop in Central! Material costs = 0.7s per iron ingot, 5s per diamond (These are the material costs if you do not supply the materials. This will be added onto the total cost) Repairs with Materials: Default repair cost - 4s per item Trade district...
  5. UltimateOptics

    Bug No alert from tagging

    I don't seem to be getting alerts when i am tagged in something? I am unsure if it is the actual tag or something else but could something be done about this if possible xd? ty
  6. UltimateOptics

    Relic epidemic super store!

    Relic epidemic super store Here i will be posting the prices of the relics we are selling and what relics we have in stock to sell. Our stock list may be short at this current time since we lost a lot of them ^^ But enjoy our thread! Prices **Prices negotiable** In stock: Combat: Dread 1 (x7)...
  7. UltimateOptics

    Proctor App: UltimateOptics

    Minecraft IGN: UltimateOptics Position applying for: Proctor Age|Timezone: UK, GTM+1 How long have you been on Herocraft?: 2 years :) Why do you think you would make a good proctor?: I believe i would make a good proctor because i have already been a proctor for 4-5 months i think.. but had to...
  8. UltimateOptics

    Ban Appeal

    IGN: UltimateOptics Banned by: @Xanipher Time of ban: 1-2 weeks ago i believe? Reason for ban: 'Go Study' Your story: Asked Xan for a ban while i revise for the tests i had. Most of my main exams are over now so i am asking to be unbanned ^^ My activity will only rise from now ;) Only got small...
  9. UltimateOptics

    I must go, my people need me!

  10. UltimateOptics


    Going to florida for 2 weeks so i won't be on for.. 2 weeks durr :P @Angyles - Don't worry i'm not inactive D: @gabizou