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    Super Happy Kainzo got on

    Super Happy Kainzo got on
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    @Kainzo How do I get the server going? also how do i do that arrow thing

    @Kainzo How do I get the server going? also how do i do that arrow thing
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    Suggestion [Hero Professions] A New Profession

    Builder Profession: Combines skilled craftsmanship, with combat skills to reach new heights. The builder prof uses the general category of combat class to provide faster building methods. (Non of these work in combat) Melee Classes Skills: Drill: The Player charges up energy for 5 seconds...
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    Account and Email cleanup.

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    When I get up, the server goes down

    When I get up, the server goes down
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    Bug Atlas in-between

    In the in-between beta and update, I found that ensurge (Sorry thats probably not it, i just have the game closed and can't think of its title.) The hydromage skill that surges you forward dealing damage, won't stop for me. Although its suppose to stop after 10 blocks or so, I keep going, flying...
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    ALERT SHOW US YOUR FACE! (if you dare)

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    The Super Ultra Mega Thread of What You Want + Herocraft RPG

    I really like everything, except townships as an alternative, could you expand on what that means? Also Roaming boss with large hoards of mobs that come with them, incentivizing hunting them down for loot and xp, also exposing people to pop
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    Messing with Staff: Featuring DrHeretic

    A. Me and Zan are not the same person I used his account a long time ago when my wasn't working B. obviously the screens are from an enraged me, which was just kicked and kill from his town, losing everything C. I was only discussing with your townies, you can ask them D. I said nothing in the...
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    Dark Rooms in towns

    Why not have much better xp and drops outside bases by 200 blocks, the further you are from your town factors into xp gains, and the closer to another town the higher as well?