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  1. WitchOnaRampage

    Suggestion Necro Hellgate reagent and the Portal

    First up, Necromancer's Hellgate skill still requires one enderpearl as a reagent - can this be removed? It seems particularly punitive considering there is a portal to the nether. Secondly, I'm wondering whether the portal TO the nether could be removed. As I recall it was added because...
  2. WitchOnaRampage

    Rules - mini review

    Hi all. Time to review the Rules for the new map. I tidied them a little today - please look them over as they now stand. Known issues Things I'm aware of that need to be addressed: Griefing rules Township/residence build rules (not completed from the last review, my apologies) Chat rules...
  3. WitchOnaRampage

    Suggestion TD shop prices - discussion

    Some Trade District shops will be launched this Friday. We need to set prices for them. But first, a little explanation about how the TD will be working. The main goal is to keep the Trade District active! To do this, there will be reasonable prices and an activity requirement. Activity...
  4. WitchOnaRampage

    Bug LWCs not refunding coin when unlocked

    Have had one petition on this and also have had one player testing. Refunds appear to be broken.
  5. WitchOnaRampage

    Rules Council applications invited

    Applications for the Rules Council are invited! We're looking for members who will represent a broad range of game play experience and play styles. The Task The Rules Council will be reviewing the Rules over the next 2 to 3 weeks. The Rules have recently been updated and restructured...
  6. WitchOnaRampage

    Bug Soul fragments can't be consumed for exp

    It seems soul fragments can't be consumed for exp. I've tested with the coal and quartz ones two days ago. I think they've been broken possibly much longer, however.
  7. WitchOnaRampage

    Bug Vote 1 site not paying rewards - maybe

    I didn't get rewards from voting on site 1. Some other players reported the same issue, others said they got their rewards fine. So either it's a problem that has just started, or perhaps it's intermittent.
  8. WitchOnaRampage

    Bug /workbench and /showitem broken

    /workbench and /showitem appear to have stopped working.
  9. WitchOnaRampage

    Towns near Herogates

    The Herogates aren't claimed as towns, so players can make towns near and even over the top of the Herogates. May we please have an understanding on what is acceptable please? These are a few I'm aware of: Gravkoc has claimed OVER THE TOP of the 2nd HG from the left, north continent. It looks...
  10. WitchOnaRampage

    Bug A few tools missing

    /hero tools [class] has a couple of tools missing: Shears are missing from Ninja's list of allowed weapons Disciple needs Fishing Rod added - it does more damage than Stick or Fists.