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  1. TheManiac23

    Suggestion Reworking PvE Rules

    The PvE rules are a bit outdated because they were made Pre-War. They should be altered to fit into the new system. Maybe something like "This rules only apply to PvE during Peace times" Just a suggestion @Rules Council
  2. TheManiac23

    Suggestion New Command: /hero verbose Cooldown

    Its pretty usefull to see when other players use skills. But i as button spammer cant see the skills because it always tells "(Skill) has 99.9s until Recovery" With all this spam i cant really see what other ppl use. You can only turn off the visibility of skill uses but not the CD spam when its...
  3. TheManiac23

    Bug You are too Close to another Region.

    Pretty old bug but its still there. I have to have 1 block in between 2 regions to create them R= Region N= Non Region RRRRRR RRRRRR NNNNNN RRRRRR RRRRRR RRRRRR RRRRRR Not sure if this is just a problem when you try to create a region above an other but it doesnt let me create it when its...
  4. TheManiac23

    Suggestion Prevention of Grinding Low levels for KDR

    Dunno if its posible but i think there should be a prevention against grinding low levels just to increase your KDR. Some ppl kill the same person again and again just to have the highest KDR (especially during the Clan Event). I think we should add a Limit to the kill points someone can get...
  5. TheManiac23

    New Trade Channel Rules

    We had a case today in Trade channel where someone sold a "bow with infinity and punch 2" to someone. He gave him a chest with the name "bow with infinite and punch 2" For me thats a scam because he sold a "bow" and not "chest with a name" If ppl abuse the chest label system we have to add a...
  6. TheManiac23

    Bug Donator Backpack doesnt discount backpacks in Store

    I am Tier 8 and have a 36 Backpack. But the Backpack in Store doesnt get discounted (as far as i see). The 45 Slot costs 20 the 54 cost 35. My old Backpack i bought from Store was 27. Then i bought my T8 and got the 36 Backpack. Not sure if intended or not but i thought i should maybe mention that.
  7. TheManiac23

    Weird Cow Deaths

    Its the second time in 2 weeks now that my cows in my farm are decimated my like 80% The Farm is pretty deep inside my town and even with AOE you shouldnt be able to kill them. And there is no one else able to get in there. Does butcher only kill a % of all animals now or how can that be? If an...
  8. TheManiac23

    Bug Leather Droprate pretty low

    Not really sure if its a bug or if kainzo/dev has lowered the rate but i have killed 10 Cows a bunch of times now and i got average 3 leather with every try. Used a Looting III weapon. I remember the Rates being higher the last time i was farming leather in big amounts.
  9. TheManiac23

    Suggestion Additional Druid Weapon: Slapple

    Every event there are Special Slapples but no class has them as Weapon. So i suggest to add it as Extra Weapon to Druid. Well Druid=Nature. There was already an Suggestions to add Apple to Druid weapon but that one is over a Year old.
  10. TheManiac23

    Bug Dreadknight not able to wear leather.

    Not really a bug more like something forgotten to put into the code. But dreadknight can only wear chain, gold, iron and a diamond pant But no part Leather Paladin can wear full leather. Should be added to it even when no one really would wear leather instead of the better iron armor.