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  1. xexorian

    ALERT PvE Revamp in progress!

    Greetings, Heroes! Today I have a rather large update to push to the Townships/Live server. This is a Huge revamp of the Dungeons PVE system! Below I will list off as many of the balance changes and additions, as well as some of what's coming next! As for the future, I will list the upcoming...
  2. xexorian

    How To Mob Balance Revamp

    I'm going to work on all the MythicMob droptables and mobs over the next week. The idea is to balance mob HP with EXP rewards by the following table: T1 = 10HP per 1EXP (This is roughly a 225% increase from current) T2 = 9HP per 1EXP (This was entirely broken.) T3 = 8HP per 1EXP (This is...
  3. xexorian

    Proper Gender Pronoun's.. what?

    Okay so this is sort of a rant on my personal thoughts about a topic that deals with both suicide, LGBT, and modern nonconformist pushing their own conformity, and it is full of vulgarity, insults, and real talk from me about this stuff. With that aside.. feel free to read into my mind...
  4. xexorian

    ALERT Minor fixes to Pirate.

    This was a minor update. However, since we just released the class I figured I'd mention some of it. Spawn: - Added in the Iron Rapier to the Rogue Weaponsmith. It can be bought for 10 redstone and 2 gold ingots. Swashbuckler: - Fixed handcannon's damage. Reduced stamina cost to 250. - Changed...
  5. xexorian

    ALERT Arena and Dungeon fixes and updates this week!

    Hail Herocraft! I have an update from the Team we're pushing in on Tonight's restart! Dungeons: /skill warp - should now properly take you to the Dungeon Nexus while in HeavensGate. Arenas: /arena join - is now in and should be working. Kit's should be up to date. A little message from me...
  6. xexorian

    Read Township Page Requirements and Information

    Create your township threads here. Make sure you have read the RULES. Township threads should be titled as such: {NAME OF TOWNSHIP} Post the information below in your town thread: Township Name: Mayor: Second-In-Command: (You may also list council members on a new line below this) Location of...
  7. xexorian

    Rules of this subforum

    Welcome to the Township Planning subforum! Please read the following rules and information about this topic following here: Applicants to townships must post a reply to a township planning thread started by a Mayor they are wishing to join. New posts should be reserved for mayors only...
  8. xexorian

    Well then!

    5 year mark!
  9. xexorian

    (revised) A kingdom recruitment letter from old times..

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You hear the rustling of the wind upon your back, as the hairs on your neck stands up, you are blinded by a brief flash of light. A tiny phoenix has dropped a scroll in your hands. It is still sealed in wax outlining the letters, "OS"...
  10. xexorian

    Suggestion Dungeon Revamp

    Currently the Dungeons project feels unfinished for me. I know we have had a lot of positive feedback on it so far. However, I would personally like to take the newest mythicmobs update into account and take the time to completely revamp and improve upon the original project... if we have enough...