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  1. TheManiac23

    Bug No warning for edge of world

    I guess you were teleported up because the place you would have been ported to (i think it ports you back like 3 blocks) was blocked to it ported you up to the first non-solid block.
  2. TheManiac23

    The Lenorian Empire

    Oh noes. Luke is back.
  3. TheManiac23

    Fallout 4

    Fallout 3 was crashing randomly and Fallout NV too. So ill wait till its much cheaper before buying so it doesnt hurt when it happens with this game too.
  4. TheManiac23


    *cough* 128-86=1??? The Problem is the Y on the runestone is 86 but its porting him to 128
  5. TheManiac23

    so I found a decent picture of Volantis | Haven

    I was in volantis but not in volantis XD How was my town called there? Sentinel?
  6. TheManiac23

    ~*~ Sanctuary ~*~

    They need to clean the town forum. lets tag someone again @TimForReal @Admins
  7. TheManiac23

    Suggestion Hoppers

    Nr.1 Reason i picked Engineer last Map: Player detector. Dont need hoppers to work. Nr.2 Make a lift so i dont have to climb the ladder up and down the whole time. Dont need hoppers to work. Nr.3 Automatic Furnace. Need hoppers. You see i didnt pick engineer in the first place to make some...
  8. TheManiac23


    This Town doesnt exist. No need to post an app here. @TimForReal Whos in charge for forum? The old town threads needs to be deleted
  9. TheManiac23

    Solaris Trade Town.

    This Town already fell before the reset. No need to apply here. @Admins someone should maybe clean this forum from the old towns
  10. TheManiac23

    Global Mute Appeal

    Mute Lifted. Hope that was okay tim.