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  1. c12095

    Tree Creepers

    Tree Creepers Goals: -Target everyone -Dominate the PVP frontier Rules: -Wear the skin -Follow your orders -Kill any and everyone -Personal alliances or friendships mean nothing when we PVP or raid -No trash-talking in public channels -No hacking -No combat logging -We are based out of...
  2. c12095

    c12095's Balance Team Application

    1. Minecraft IGN / Age: c12095/22 2. Position applying for: Balance Team .(implementer or tester): Both. 3. How long have you been on Herocraft?: First joined in June of 2011. 4. What's your favorite class/path?: Warrior/Dreadknight. 5. How often and in what timezone can you test?: I get a few...
  3. c12095

    Bug Conquest Point

    The Sapphire Conquest Point is not set on top of the building that was created for it. Also after captured we received items once, after that every time it was set to give items we received this message in chat. Not sure if it was intended or not, wanted to post it to make sure.
  4. c12095

    Bug /shop Beastmaster Bow

    Buying bow from the /shop menu takes the coins but does not give you a bow.
  5. c12095

    No One Is Safe

    @Kainzo Trying to give you a flashback to Zeal.
  6. c12095

    Time for me to go

    Seeing as I can't comment in the the Leave/Absence thread you'll have to deal with it here. As most of you know I enlisted some time ago, and now I leave tomorrow morning. I'm not really one for goodbyes so forgive me if this seems a little brief. I've been apart of this community for over 2...
  7. c12095

    Helmet and Leggings Forged by Kainzo

    As the title states I am looking for the last two pieces of the set of Chain mail that Kainzo forged. If you are in possession of either of these pieces I am willing to buy them for a large amount of coins.
  8. c12095

    Looks for Long Term Alchemist(s)

    As the title states, I am in need of possibly a few active Alchemist to do some transmuting for me. You will be transmuting nothing more than Iron Ore into gold. For this to work there needs to be a level of trust between us, so I have a few requirements that must be agreed upon for this to work...
  9. c12095

    c12095's Ban Appeal

    IGN: c12095 Banned by: Kainzo I believe Time of Ban: Unknown Reason for ban: "Staff Disrespect <3" My story: Well as the reason states, I was banned for staff disrespect. I'm pretty sure I remember the last situation that we talked Kainzo, and yes I admit I did disrespect you in off...
  10. c12095

    Suggestion Remove the ability to remove bounties

    As the title states, I think we should remove the ability to take down bounties after they are placed. There is no real reason for someone to take down a bounty unless they were using it for another purpose. I think that if you place the bounty you should have to live with the cost it took, not...