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  1. c12095

    Patch #1

    I like the changes to Dragoon, far too much mobility with the addition of Dash being without a target restriction. Beastmaster needs the damage nerf, i'd really like to see the wolf added in. On another note I think we should look at Monks Damage vs Sustain as well as Beguilers CC vs Damage.
  2. c12095

    Tree Creepers

  3. c12095

    Tree Creepers

    Yeah I'll have to mess with it later, something didn't transfer over correctly.
  4. c12095

    Tree Creepers

    Tree Creepers Goals: -Target everyone -Dominate the PVP frontier Rules: -Wear the skin -Follow your orders -Kill any and everyone -Personal alliances or friendships mean nothing when we PVP or raid -No trash-talking in public channels -No hacking -No combat logging -We are based out of...
  5. c12095

    c12095's Balance Team Application

    1. Minecraft IGN / Age: c12095/22 2. Position applying for: Balance Team .(implementer or tester): Both. 3. How long have you been on Herocraft?: First joined in June of 2011. 4. What's your favorite class/path?: Warrior/Dreadknight. 5. How often and in what timezone can you test?: I get a few...
  6. c12095

    Suggestion SK Atrophy

    I agree with @Irishman81 with his views of a mobility addition, it's unnecessary. The removal of terror crippled the usefulness of ShadowKnight. Im curious, how devastating I'd the lowest rank of slow? Because it very well may too strong for 14 seconds, I'm just not familiar with how slow it...
  7. c12095

    Bug Conquest Point

    The Sapphire Conquest Point is not set on top of the building that was created for it. Also after captured we received items once, after that every time it was set to give items we received this message in chat. Not sure if it was intended or not, wanted to post it to make sure.
  8. c12095

    Bug /shop Beastmaster Bow

    Buying bow from the /shop menu takes the coins but does not give you a bow.
  9. c12095

    No One Is Safe

    @Kainzo Trying to give you a flashback to Zeal.
  10. c12095

    Return next map

    I think we both know that's a lie now beast.