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  1. STDs4YouAnd4Me

    Not a Bug Couldn't Contest A Conquest Point.

    Refer to the video. Two members from LegionOfOblivion were capping the castle from the mother fucking roof. Aside from that, when I tried to contest it while sitting dead center in the castle, it just continued to cap for them. Great stuff.
  2. STDs4YouAnd4Me

    Bug I can't open my own LWC doors

    So... I noticed this problem while trying to open an LWC'd door that was placed in the town I belong to. I did not own the door, but my name was put on the permissions list. While right clicking the door, it would sound like the door was opening and closing in the same frame. I later placed my...
  3. STDs4YouAnd4Me

    Suggestion Need Suggestions on Audio Clips

    This might not be the best place to post this, as I'm not making a suggestion but rather asking for suggestions. Good enough. I'm going to be working on decking out macromod GUI to look, feel, and sound as much as I'm playing an RPG as possible (early stages are surprisingly looking good). My...
  4. STDs4YouAnd4Me

    Umbra - A Call To Arms

    Good morning plebs, Remember a time when we would login to Minecraft, go on the HeroCraft server, and withstand hours of pure unadulterated cancer? Wasn't that kinda/sorta fun? Don't you kinda/sorta miss it? Kind of like a mom wishes she could change her teenage son's diaper once again? Such a...
  5. STDs4YouAnd4Me

    The PVE map... why is it killing my boner?

    This thread is being written for 2 reasons; for my own selfishness to gain knowledge about the PVE map since I refuse to login to it myself... and for you to give your opinion on the PVE map and how it's good/bad for the server. I've been away from Minecraft for a solid 8 months or so, and...
  6. STDs4YouAnd4Me

    Bug Iron Fist bug

    The bug is intermittent. Feels like 3/4 times it'll fail. When using iron fist everyone affected by it takes no damage. Furthermore, the next melee attack they receive deals a whopping 1 damage. This can occur well passed the 5 second slow debuff. Iron Fist coupled with Quivering Palm's bug...
  7. STDs4YouAnd4Me

    Hosting an event at midnight GST.

    I'll be hosting an event around midnight GST. That's 7pm EST for all you yanks out there (I've always wanted to say that). I'll be having a bounty on my head and posting my coordinates in o-chat periodically. Whoever gets my bounty will receive $20 to be put into upgrading their donator tier. I...
  8. STDs4YouAnd4Me

    STDs4YouAnd4Me's Hub Mute

    IGN: STDs4YouAnd4Me Banned by: ? Time of mute: December 2nd? Channel: Hub Reason for mute: Calling out Fo0l3d for being CopyCtrlV. Your story: CopyCtrlV had just been banned 30 minutes after the incident occurred. CopyCtrlV was suspected to being a known alt account to a banned player by...
  9. STDs4YouAnd4Me

    Suggestion Disciple's main problem in a nutshell...

    Lack of magic damage. If you want to compare the 3 'squishy' melee classes in the game, you're looking at Ninja, Runeblade, and Disciple. Each of these classes have varying degrees of armor, Disciple being the least armored, Runeblade coming in second, and Ninjas generally bordering on a...
  10. STDs4YouAnd4Me

    Class Demographics

    128 Online : Lostsoul - 82 Wizard - 8 Necromancer - 2 Pyromancer - 2 Beguiler - 1 Dragoon - 5 Dreadknight - 2 Paladin - 4 Berserker - 2 Ninja - 7 Runeblade - 2 Bard - 1 Ranger - 8 Disciple - 0 Cleric - 1 Druid - 1 Bloodmage - 0