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  1. SemajArchMage


    Title says it all. http://www.youtube.com/show/lalalademacia It all starts with Episode 1.
  2. SemajArchMage

    I had no idea you were making this Kainzo

    Dragon & Dracula! New fairytale platformer by HeroCraft! :eek::rolleyes::D:p
  3. SemajArchMage

    How to Win at WvWvW

    1) Play an elementalist. 2) Get your friends to play elementalists. 3) Get your guild to play elementalists. 4) Convince your server to play elementalists. 5) Show the world the invincible power of chain meteor showers. 6) Cast Lava Font on downed players. For superior cheese, have half your...
  4. SemajArchMage

    Class Mining Skills for Group Projects

    Since hero plugin allows new classes, I was thinking why should we stick to the old ways of mining and constructing? Haven't you ever wished you could destroy a far away block or place one just out of reach, but had to resort to clumsy scaffolds? How about knowing where the best spots are to...