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    Suggestion [Hero Professions] A New Profession

    Builder Profession: Combines skilled craftsmanship, with combat skills to reach new heights. The builder prof uses the general category of combat class to provide faster building methods. (Non of these work in combat) Melee Classes Skills: Drill: The Player charges up energy for 5 seconds...
  2. Z

    Bug Atlas in-between

    In the in-between beta and update, I found that ensurge (Sorry thats probably not it, i just have the game closed and can't think of its title.) The hydromage skill that surges you forward dealing damage, won't stop for me. Although its suppose to stop after 10 blocks or so, I keep going, flying...
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    Messing with Staff: Featuring DrHeretic

    PaK_P0w- I am going to be short and sweet with this, and I would like a clarification of the rules, A. does the list that is linked with /rules override what a moderator says? and B. If I am spying on a town, or entering their chat, and a mod is in the town, is it fair to say that I am...