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  1. KLuebbert

    I am Lost

    Hello readers, I am a little lost on the server right now. I notice mobs spawn, but they disappear immediately. When a mob does happen to show up, killing them seems to one shot them, as they do not have adjusted health, and they yield no xp. How do I level up my combat class? There appears to...
  2. KLuebbert

    Rulesets for new PvP Server

    So Kainzo mentioned that everyone can go make new rulesets and such for the new PvP server made by the community. Here's a thread for it. Enjoy or something, I don't really know.
  3. KLuebbert


    DISCLAIMER: As it stands, we are Tier III. We are advancing towards a Tier IV town soon. Hello, my name is KLuebbert, and my accomplice in making the town possible is ranth4477, the second-in-charge. We own DawnFalls together, and DawnFalls continues to expand through the use of large sewer...
  4. KLuebbert

    Bug Shearing Sheep

    So, there's a bug with shearing sheep. I tried shearing a sheep first using a class weapon, and it kept trying to equip the shear as a weapon like I was a ninja, so I grabbed normal shears, but even then, it doesn't do anything. I'm a level 55 farmer too, so I don't know why I cannot shear...
  5. KLuebbert

    Bug Endermage Issue Number 2

    After 8 minutes of using all my strength, spells and melee attacks, I finally destroy the damaged metal crusher in the front of dark palace. 8 minutes. I turn level 35. I LEARNED CHAIN LIGHTNING! Maybe this skill will let me kill something in 5 minutes??? I CAST IT! AND IT DEALS 2 damage a...
  6. KLuebbert

    Bug Shaman Issue

    The wiki shows him having Ancestral Totem and Sage Totem, but he doesn't have these. The endermage stole 2 of his skills, and he never got replacements.
  7. KLuebbert

    Bug Necromancer Issue

    The Necromancer's slowdown ability slows all targets within 6 blocks for 3 seconds, and this 'wave' pulses every 3 seconds 4 times in succession. Sadly though, only the first wave of slowness works, but not fully, and the targets affected get slowed for 1 second. Then the other 3 waves do...
  8. KLuebbert

    Bug Issues Again

    Yeah, I know that Plague costs 140 mana, and has a cooldown of 12 seconds, and I unlock it at level 15... But what does it do? I had to go to the wiki to find out, the description is missing in-game. Same with HolyAura, my friend had no clue what it did, so I looked it up for him on the wiki...
  9. KLuebbert

    Bug Brawler Issue

    So the skill says you take 2000% more damage, and deal 2000% more damage over the period of time... I'm 90% positive this is a typo... And if it is a typo, what is the actual %'s?
  10. KLuebbert

    Bug Endermage Issue

    I understand the Shaman was tweaked and balanced to make room for the Endermage...But something weird is going on here... Because why is an Endermage using a move that involves the word earth in it, and why does this skill require an axe to use...? I know the Shaman had that skill before this...