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  1. TheMrNoobville

    TheMrNoobville's Application

    Minecraft In-game name: TheMrNoobville Location & Age: Bennington, VT, United States and 16 years old Previous Bans from other Servers (If yes, explain where/when):NONE Referral(s): Kalkyte How did you hear about Herocraft?: Friends who were looking for a well built rpg server. Have you voted...
  2. TheMrNoobville

    Proctor App: TheMrNoobville

    Minecraft IGN: TheMrNoobville Position applying for: Proctor Age|Timezone:15 yrs old/EST How long have you been on Herocraft?: For about 2 months now. Why do you think you would make a good guide?: I want to help people experience the greatness of Herocraft. I believe i have a good...
  3. TheMrNoobville

    Becoming a Proctor

    How do I become a proctor, I really would like to be part of the staff and help out. Thanks.
  4. TheMrNoobville

    TheMrNoobville Application

    In-game name:TheMrNoobville Location & Age:Bennington,VT / 15 yrs old Previous Bans (Includes other servers): None Referral(s): None, Sorry Reason you should be accepted:I am a friendly person that can make a diffrence in any server I play on. I follow rules to the dot and make sure others do...