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  1. deadandown

    Could not connect

    could not connect to default or fallback server please try again later java.net.connectexception I keep getting this message everytime I try and log onto the server and it sets me in this very small area to walk around in. Does anybody know how to fix this problem?
  2. deadandown

    Umm lawsuit????

    http://minestatus.net/25145-hero-craft You might want to look into this @Kainzo
  3. deadandown

    Old [email protected]

    I was wondering if I could have a list of all the plugins that where used in Sanctum.
  4. deadandown


    Bloodmages need a buff bad! If I use drainsoul (my level 1 skill) with full health I take damage. Drainsoul also has a longer CD and shorter range than smite which automatically puts us at a disadvantage against other healers. Our bandage CD is raised from the base healer class, how do you get...
  5. deadandown

    deadandown-Guide Application/Banker Application

    Minecraft IGN:deadandown Position applying for: Guide Age|Timezone: 17, Central How long have you been on Herocraft?: February of 2011 Why do you think you would make a good guide?: I think I will make a good guide because I see question all the time in help chat and in o chat that go unanswered...
  6. deadandown

    deadandown 2-12-12 Kainzo

    IGN:deadandown Banned by?:Kainzo Time of ban:2:16 P.M Reason for ban:I said Kainzo I hate you in o chat Your story:The server got all messed up after a restart and I said "KAINZO I HATE YOU!" in o chat. I was just kidding and I am sorry I said it Kainzo
  7. deadandown

    [Hamlet]Citadel-[Evil] [15] [Affiliated w/Torchlight] *Recruiting PvPers*

    Citadel Mayor-deadandown SiC-ChaosFusion Banker-xxrekkedxx Citizens 1.deadandown-WIzard 2.xxrekkedxx-Dragoon 3.lildevil888-Paladin 4.ChaosFusion-Bard 5.JokerBostain-Caster 6.Elergy-Caster 7.toy205-Rogue 8.Digger360-M.Dreadnight 9.Remdemtion-Rogue 10.v3nture-Caster 11.Mentalthorn-Rogue...
  8. deadandown

    [Classes] Professions

    I think there needs to be a different profession. It would bring much more diversity to the game where everybody would be similar and would have to rely on other people a lot more. It would put emphasis on the town aspect of the game and bring a much different feel of friendship.
  9. deadandown


    I think the warrior spec Paladin should get bite carried over when specd. Paladin has no combat skills what-so-ever and it would be great to have bite carry over. It is a warrior class and has no combat skills, what kind of sense does that make? Its not the greatest skill but its something and...
  10. deadandown

    So People

    What are all of your favorite bands? mine personally is Weezer *EDIT* the rock category is broad category, ranging from punk to hardcore. 90's through present. the classic rock category is anything really from 50's through 80's