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  1. trickshotwin

    Mad Libs Mini Game Thingy

    Add an adjective to a noun. These are supposed to be weird. Some examples: Poached Brick, Feminine axe, fried bike etc
  2. trickshotwin

    Best youtube Animators!

    Compose a list of your top three youtube animators. The animators must be under the same catagory. For example you can not put drama, romance and comedy under the same roof. If they are one video then that would work (but where would you find that?) My Top Three Animators Number 3: Ukinojoe...
  3. trickshotwin

    Spam chat!

    A great way for you and your friends to post all the random crap they want!
  4. trickshotwin


    What should I have for dinner?
  5. trickshotwin

    Level 30 chicken spawning?

    As a farmer, I have the ability to spawn chickens at level 20, it says so on /skills, but a message pops up and says that I have to be level 30? I could spawn chickens at level 20 yesterday but not today, is this an update?
  6. trickshotwin


    Whats delicious?????????
  7. trickshotwin


    Whats delicious?????????
  8. trickshotwin

    Where is the help section?

    Can somebody please tell me?
  9. trickshotwin

    Server Access

    I have been whitelisted I am eager to get on but am not sure where register.
  10. trickshotwin

    trickshotwin's uber epic application

    In-game name: trickshotwin Location & Age: Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Earth. Age 20. Previous Bans (Includes other servers): none Referral(s): NDKOHSE Reason you should be accepted: I hate griefing and not do anything of the sort. I believe that I am a good architect and would build many...