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  1. trickshotwin

    [Hamlet]SkyForge[24](Good)(Xandria Dominion)MoveThreadToGraveyard

    Why do you wish to join Skyforge?: In the past (with the exception of last map) I have really liked the town of Skyforge. I like how the city is floating and I think It's very cool. I would also like to be with Entun and Tom How long have you been on the server?: Since about halfway through zeal...
  2. trickshotwin

    New skills: Fade & Camouflage

    They are too good!
  3. trickshotwin

    [Town] Belegost (20) [Good] [XD] -Recruiting

    *cough cough* trickshotwin *cough cough*
  4. trickshotwin

    [Town] Lightforge {45} [Good] Xandria Dominion*RECRUITING*

    Well, no offense but firebomb wasn't exactly liked...
  5. trickshotwin

    Read Video Contest!

    I would if I could :(
  6. trickshotwin

    Suggestion Voting

    Why does it not matter?