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  1. agentjwall


    This year's classes seem to be sucking up more of my free time then anticipated. I won't be on herocraft much until my schedule stabilizes and I can find time to play. I'll still be active on the forums so feel free to contact me here if you need anything.
  2. agentjwall

    Agentjwall's Herald App

    1. Minecraft IGN / Age: agentjwall / 19 2. Position applying for: Herald 3. How long have you been on Herocraft?: Just over 11 months. 4. What's your favorite color?: Depends on the situation. Different tasks warrant the use and/or appeal of different colors. 5. Timezone (please use GMT if out...
  3. agentjwall

    Unbalancing classes to make them more balanced.

    I found this video on balancing video games. I some of you might enjoy learning a little bit more about the process, and will hopefully help you make more educated balancing suggestions in the future! Watch, Learn, & Think. http://penny-arcade.com/patv/episode/perfect-imbalance
  4. agentjwall

    Suggestion Monthly PvP Tournament revamp

    I've been bothered by the problems with the PvP tournaments for a while now. With the TCs controlling the tourney there seems to be little motivation to enter. (even though there still are decent 2nd and 3rd place prizes). I'd hate for the Tournaments to die out considering that they are our...
  5. agentjwall

    Library sub-forum error

    Whenever I try to go to a thread inside the Library sub-forum I keep getting: Not sure why it's happening but I though I'd point it out. I've been able to reproduce it every time over the last week or so and on both Safari and Chrome (haven't tried IE or MFF yet).
  6. agentjwall

    Fun Facts Thread

    Post your odd, bizarre, or likewise interesting facts here. Keep it clean though (there are children watching!). I'll start us off with some Golden Gate Bridge facts: The Golden Gate Bridge was originally going to be painted with yellow/black stripes to make it easy to spot out at sea for...
  7. agentjwall

    Guide App: Agentjwall

    1. Minecraft IGN: agentjwall 2. Position applying for: Guide 3. Age|Timezone: 19 | CST 4. How long have I been on Herocraft?: Approximately 10 months 5. Why I would make a good guide: As a guide my duty is to teach new players about the server as well as Assist the mods and admins in any...
  8. agentjwall

    Suggestion Muffle [Skill]

    So I was doing a little sneaking the other day but I realized I was out of arrows, Knowing that I couldn't use summonarrow without giving my presence away. Then it hit me, an awesome rogue skill would be one that could hide the announcements for using skills. With rogue classes being focused on...
  9. agentjwall

    Agent's Gadget Shop [Engineer services]

    Agent J Wall's Gadget Shop [CLOSED FOR THE SCHOOL YEAR] Need a little extra security in you town or private region? Want to add a little more pizzazz to your property? Agent's Gadget Shop is the place to go! Anything you might need, engineering or redstone, I've got it! *With proof of...
  10. agentjwall

    Lego Minecraft!

    Sounds awesome, really isn't that great... Mojang's announcement The toy discuss.